Top 10 Best Mountaineering Tents of 2021 – Reviews

best mountaineering tents

Are you planning to camp on the mountain? One of the equipment you need for camping is of course a mountaineering tent. These days, mountaineering tent has become an important accessory to any climber. The choice of mountaineering tents is wide, with different price variations enough to make you confused about choosing it, especially if you are a beginner mountain climber.

Having said that, let us point out that not all mountaineering tents are created equal and that some are definitely better than others. To ensure that you’re getting the right quality, you should perhaps take the time and learn as much as you can about what the market has to offer in this respect. To help you along in this search, here is a list of the best mountaineering tents available at the moment.

List of 10 Best Mountaineering Tents of 2021 – Reviews & Comparisons

1. Nemo Chogori 2 ($750)

Nemo Chogori 2 is a stunning mountaineering tent that comes with advanced materials allowing fast and easy setup. The silicone-treated fabrics are strong and don’t require seam tape, making them more durable than other similar tents. The tent provides great ventilation, vestibule space and guyout options.

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2. The North Face Assault 2 Futurelight ($659)

The North Face Assault 2 Futurelight tent is designed for high-altitude camps. The tent comes wth FUTURELIGHT™ 3.0 3-layer material that’s rugged, waterproof and breathable. It has single door and escape-hatch back door. The dual top vents boost breathability and stability.

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3. Black Diamond Firstlight ($370)

Black Diamond Firstlight is a wonderful 4-season mountaineering tent offers a stable shelter at a very low packed weight of 3 lbs. 6 oz. It features a space-efficient design with NanoShield™ fabric for weight-conscious climbers. The ippered mesh panels at rear and door deliver great ventilation.

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4. The North Face Stormbreak 2

The North Face Stormbreak 2 tent is an excellent tent that provides easy access and an awesome view no matter where you are. This tent comes with 2 large doors and 2 twin-zip, multi-configuration vestibules. Actually, it wins a Best Buy Award for its spacious construction.

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5. The North Face Stormbreak 3

The North Face Stormbreak 3 was entirely upgraded in 2018 providing a new vestibule along with larger doors for easier access and great views of the outdoors. You won’t have to roll up these doors because you can easily stuff them in adjacent mesh pockets. The ten comes with high-low ventilation for optimal airflow.

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6. The North Face Mountain 25

This mountaineering tent is one of the best choices for climbers. It performs great and provides amazing value for use in even the most extreme conditions. The combination of pole sleeves and clips maximizes strength and ease of pitch. You get high-low venting with multiple venting options throughout the tent structure.

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7. The North Face Assault 3

The North Face Assault 3 is an outstanding tent that will assist you in any weather conditions. It comes with a large single door and escape-hatch back door. The 3-layer FUTURELIGHT 3.0 uses nanospinning tech to create a soft, waterproof and breathable membrane.

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8. Mountain Hardwear Trango 4

Mountain Hardwear Trango 4 is the tent you need for the world’s most extreme conditions. It is a durable, comfy and easy-to-setup choice for mountaineering adventures. The tent comes with 2 dual canopy/mesh doors and 2 vestibules. The internal tension shelves offer strength and storage to keep your tent organized.

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9. Marmot Thor 3P

Marmot Thor 3P is a wonderful tent that comes with plenty of space for a third camper or your extra gear. The internal guyline system increases structural integrity in high winds and under heavy snow conditions. Setup is very simple, with an H-shaped hubbed pole that creates airy headroom and a soaring, 50-inch ceiling.

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10. Mountain Hardwear Trango 3

Mountain Hardwear Trango 3 is the tent everyone would want to have for long and tough adventures. It is durable, comfortable, easy-to-assemble and made to shelter 3 climbers (or 2 plus gear) in unrelenting alpine conditions. The internal tension shelves provide strength and storage to keep your tent organized.

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Mountaineering Tents – A Buying Guide: How to Choose Mountaineering Tents

There are several tips that can help you to choose a mountaineering tent, but before you choose, try to answer the following questions to help you determine what kind of mountaineering tent is right for you.

First question: How much budget do you prepare to buy a mountaineering tent?

Yes, this is the first question and is very vital in influencing your decision to buy your first mountaineering tent. The price of a mountaineering tent ranges from USD 50 to hundreds of dollars for a premium mountaineering tent. It’s a good idea to choose a mountaineering tent with a price range from the middle to the cheapest, why is that? There are some people who don’t want to spend their money on cheap trash tents, which is true, but if you have never camped on a mountain before, it would be wise not to spend a lot of money on expensive mountaineering tents that you may only use one time. It’s true that price and quality are always directly proportional, but you don’t need to worry, most campers are relaxed and happy in affordable tents.

Second question: Where would you like to camp?

The type of camping you will do of course greatly affects what type of tent you will buy. If you plan to climb the mountain while carrying a large family tent, believe me you will think twice about carrying this tent. A large and heavy family tent can be carried if you can carry your tent by car to the camp area, but if you are backpacking and hiking to your camping location, you definitely hope that the mountaineering tent you are carrying does not weigh your steps, meets your luggage and consumes your stamina while climbing.

Third question: How many people sleep in your mountaineering tent?

The number of people camping and sharing the tent with you is a determining factor for what size tent you will need. If you are camping with your family, you definitely need a bigger tent and of course a little more difficult to install and pack. If you are camping while climbing a mountain, then you certainly want a tent that is more compact and lightweight. You may need to calculate how many people you can join while camping on the mountain. Make sure the mountaineering tent space is as comfortable as possible for you to sleep, ward off the rain and place your belongings, not a big space to put chairs and hang out. Spend your time enjoying the natural atmosphere from the top of the towering mountains.

Last question: when will you go camping?

For beginners it’s a good idea to camp in the spring, summer and fall like most people in general. If you decide to camp in these three seasons, your choice of tent will be very easy, because most non mountaineering tents are three season tents.

Three season tents usually have a tent wall which consists of a solid material in the middle of the wall and the top side is a fine net to provide you with air ventilation and prevent condensation inside the tent, in other words most three season tents are two sided. The second layer is a solid material that covers the area of ​​the net and is attached to the tent with clips.

So if you are planning to camp in winter or to a high mountain area which is very cold and snowy, you should buy a four season tent which is usually used for mountain climbing, or what is called a mountaineering tent. Even though it is called a four-season tent, it is not recommended for summer use as mountaineering tents usually don’t offer much ventilation for airflow as they are designed as a single wall tent to protect you from cold and rain.

We hope this article helped you find the best mountaineering tents. We bet you’ll also love our other lists for the best hiking boots and best climbing ropes.