10 Best Grant Management Software in 2021 – Reviews


Often we’re asked about what are the best grant management software in 2021 that we recommend. Grant management software is used usually by schools, colleges, universities, health institutions and other non-profit organizations. This software helps in budget planning, searching fundraisers, collaboration with peers, submission of proposals, fund management, tracking & managing funds utilized and much more.

Sometimes it can be difficult to determine which software is needed, however, among the multitude of best grant management solutions currently available. With this in mind, let us find out what are the ten best grant management software you can buy right now.

That’s why we’ve taken the time to find the best grant management software for you.

Top Grant Management Software – Reviews

1. OpenWater Software

OpenWater is a top-notch software that helps users manage the entire lifecycle of grant programs from registration to submission of various types of grants by reaching out to potential grantees. Developed for foundations, non-profits, corporations and government agencies, OpenWater’s drag-and-drop interface offers form creating apps to collect contact information and store them in a unified database for future reference. Users are able to analyze and monitor the success level at any time. In addition, administrators can manage user access to review grant applications across various devices. OpenWater’s is available on a monthly subscription and support is provided via phone, email and online desk help.

2. Submittable Grants Management

Submittable Grants Management is a great software which has been created to provide comfort to the grant applicants as well as the users. The solution empowers users with customizable application forms wherein you can get pre-populated data of applicants in right-sized forms. With Submittable nonprofits can easily collect and review any content online. From grant and job applications to fundraising materials or even contest entries, the platform supports your team find the best submission faster and easier. Submittable’s intuitive design makes it easy to complete reviews and keep your process moving. The software is developed on a modern cloud infrastructure with privacy and security features and provides compliance with HIPPA, GDPR, and SOC2.

3. Award Force

Award Force is a smart and intuitive software that helps non-profit organizations of all sizes manage scholarships, grants, contests and more. The solution comes with a centralized dashboard, which allows you to track fee status, filter submitted entries by categories and monitor candidate activities on the platform. Award Force provides great real-time reporting, easy integration with third-party applications such as Salesforce and Copyleaks, intuitive application process and a one-view dashboard for evaluators. Top features of include role-based access, payment processing, customizable layouts, auditing, alerts/notifications, allocation tracking, content management and more. Pricing is based on annual subscriptions and support is provided through email, phone and other online measures.

4. WizeHive Zengine

WizeHive is a flexible platform designed to collect, review and manage applications for grants, scholarships and other nonprofit programs. The software provides a tailored workflows, reporting dashboards, automations and batch emailing. It has a central CRM capability which can communicate with all stakeholders and send automated responses. WizeHive also includes a reviewer portal with team member-specific to-do lists, side-by-side scoring and related data sharing. It provides integrations with a wide range of email, accounting and CRM software, as well as 750+ other cloud-based programs. Full implementation services are also available.

5. Benevity

Benevity is a complete grant management software that works on the administrative workload reduction. It allows you to build more focus on productivity & success of the entire grants program. Benevity’s innovative program also enables you to evaluate the overall ROI of the project post-implementation to give a holistic view, and it can trigger automatic surveys as well. Some of the worlds biggest companies rely on Benevitys to power their Goodness Programs that attract, retain and engage todays diverse workforce by connecting people to the causes that matter to them. Located in Canada, Benevity has processed over $3 billion in donations and 20 million hours of volunteer time to 200,000+ global charities across the world.

6. Foundant for Grantmakers

Foundant for GrantMakers is an easy-to-use grant management software that caters to the needs many industries like foundations, public charities, philanthropic advisors and more. The solution supports organizations manage their grant data and process from an applicant to reviewer. Top features include online grant agreements and follow-ups, reporting and analytics, customizable layouts, auditing, impact measurement and scholarship management. Foundant for Grantmakers has the capability to collect data and then group, analyze and visualize it within the platform and generate customized reports. In addition, the scholarship lifecycle manager allows users manage and keep track of scholarship providers and scholarship programs. You can as well view all the grant requests and track their progress via mobile apps.

7. SmartSimple Grants Management

SmartSimple is an advanced grants management and CRM for grantmakers that simplifies everything from the application process to budgeting & from engaging grantees to tracking the progress of the project. SmartSimple helps organizations to create better efficiencies in their funding processes and enrich their impact story. Users can leverage customizable application forms, personalized profile creation, automated response system and a variety of customizable templates. Top features of the product include end-to-end grant program management, CRM, fund & budget tracking, automated workflows, scheduling & budgeting, enterprise-level security, reporting & analytics, and more. Services are available on a subscription basis and customer support is extended through phone, email and an online contact form available on the website.

8. AmpliFund

AmpliFund is an easy-to-use grant management software for nonprofit and public sector which allows transparent and free-flow communication between the grantors and grantees. The solution is developed for managing every phase of the grant lifecycle, from pre-award research and planning to post-award performance and reporting. AmpliFund allows you to build great grantor visibility by a transparent review mechanism, auto evaluator system and powerful reconciliation of funds. AmpliFund provides integration with third-party apps such as Google Maps, Salesforce, GuideStar, Charity Navigator, Amazon Alexa, and more. It is offered on a monthly subscription basis and support is extended via email, phone, and live chat.

9. Arreva Online Fundraising

Arreva Online Fundraising is an online fundraising solution that serves a wide range of nonprofit organizations inclding education, animal welfare, environment and health. The software allows organization create custom donation pages to collect gifts, grants and manage fundraising campaigns. Users can manage tracking and reporting mechanism seamlessly right from the proposal building stage to the final closure stage. Arreva enables you to add graphics, pictures, multiple pages and other content through the built-in page editor. Top features include content management, event registration, online donations, automated workflows and donor tracking. The product is offered on a monthly subscription basis with support available via email and an online portal.

10. Evalato

Evalato is an advanced web-based grant management software serving companies and nonprofits of all sizes. It’s a modern and smart solution that provides streamlined and convenient processes for everyone involved: the organizer, the applicants, and the panel of experts tasked with evaluating the submissions. Top features of Evalato enable users to manage payments, customize branding on grand submission websites, preview grant applications before submission, track visitors on the website and generate custom reports. With Evalato you can also automate currency conversions and accept payments via multiple gateways. Evalato pricing starts at $995.00 as a one-time payment and there is a free trial.

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