10 Best Data Visualization Software in 2021 – Reviews


Are you looking for the best data visualization software in 2021? Data visualization software is a tool that presents data in a graphical or pictorial form, such as a pie chart. There are a broad range of data visualization software packages available and each software brags its own set of features. However, they all share common benefits businesses can appreciate.

Data visualization software is the future as it understanding connections between operations and results, embracing emerging trends and interacting with data. Having said that, we should point out that not all data visualization software meet the same functional standards, not unless you dare to venture in the high-end part of the market.

To ensure that you’re getting the right quality, you need to first figure out what the market has in store. And so, here are 10 of the best data visualization software in the market at the moment.

Top Data Visualization Software for 2021 – Reviews

1. Zoho Analytics

Zoho Analytics is a complete data visualization platform that is suitable for all sizes of companies to have visual insights with the collected information. It enables users to create and distribute powerful, ad hoc reports and dashboards within minutes, with no IT help. Zoho Analytics helps in uploading and synchronizing data from web feeds, spreadsheets, cloud and on-premises databases, cloud storages or other web apps. Top features of Zoho Analytics include drag & drop interface, report sharing, dashboards with indicators and BI. Zoho Analytics is priced on a monthly subscription basis and free trial is available.

2. Databox

Databox is a cloud-based business analytics and data visualization software for marketers, CEOs, analysts and decision makers. It enables you to keep real-time track of how your organization is performing. Databox offers a single interface to build your own dashboards, view different key performance indicators (KPIs) and generate reports. Databox allows users to connect with multiple sources of cloud-based data such as Google Analytics, HubSpot, Stripe, Facebook Ads and Moz. Databox serves small to large businesses and provides mobile apps for Android and iOS devices. Support of Databox is extended by email, phone and online help desk.

3. Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft Power BI is an interactive data visualization platform that converts data to insights within minutes. It gathers data from multiple sources and provides visualization reports in the form of charts, pictures, graphics, and their various forms. This software enables users publish, share, and embed visual interactive reports and dashboards. Building a dashboard is easy and simple, because of the hundreds of connections to popular business applications, complete with prebuilt dashboards to help you get up and running quickly. Microsoft Power BI is available for both iOS and Android devices.

4. QlikView

QlikView is a data visualization software for creating analytics applications and dashboards tailor-made for businesses of all sizes. It collects all the data from different platforms and syncs together for better viewing. This software also provides guided exploration, discovery and collaborative analytics for sharing insights. QlikView empowers you to create and deploy analytic applications without requiring professional development skills. Its patented in-memory technology decreases the need for IT workers as the solution has an inference engine to cultivate associations in data automatically. The software integrates with various third-party apps such as including Google Analytics, Moz, Twitter, Facebook, ActiveCampaign, Asana and Slack. It also offers mobile applications for Android and iOS devices.

5. Klipfolio

Klipfolio is a cloud-based business dashboard software that is suitable for businesses of all sizes. It helps analytics firms, marketing agencies, system integrators, business solution providers and technology providers build business performance dashboards. Klipfolio empowers users with interactive charts, agility, focus-oriented techniques and confidence in bringing a positive change in the work process. Top features of Klipfolio includes real-time dashboards, pre-built visualizations, data-source connectors for different databases, client management and reporting. This product integrates with several third-party apps such as Google Analytics, Twitter, Facebook, Slack, ActiveCampaign, and more. It also provides mobile applications for iOS and Android.

6. Looker

Looker is a cloud-based data visualization software created to explore and analyze data. Looker helps businesses to capture and analyze data from various sources and make clever data-driven decisions. The solution offers teams the ability to analyze supply chains,quantify customer value, market digitally, and assess distribution processes. The dashboards enables you to present data and insights using customizable graphs, charts and reports. The software is used in multiple industry verticals including education, finance, e-commerce, retail, construction, marketing, media and technology.

7. Geckoboard

Geckoboard is a modern, innovative cloud-based dashboard software that displays key business metrics in real time. It connects your metrics and integrates them with freestyle spreadsheet. The drag-and-drop interface allows users to configure a dashboard with colors, logos and visualizations that suits your organization and business. The solution also provides secure sharing links that enables you to share the metrics within and outside the office. Data can be imported from various apps including Google Analytics, Salesforce, Bitly, Airbrake, Zendesk, Delighted, Trello, Facebook Ads, Zendesk and more. Geckoboard is offered on a monthly pricing plans.

8. Cyfe

Cyfe is a cloud-based all-in-one data visualization software for small to midsize businesses. It enables users to create web analytics, monitor sales performance, manage marketing and handle infrastructure. Cyfe supports multiple monitoring widgets such as Salesforce, Campaign Monitor, Mixpanel, Google AdWords, Google AdSense, and more. You can easily share your Cyfe dashboards with management, clients and other users through public URLs, scheduled reports and Cyfe accounts. Core features of Cyfe include pre-built widgets, real-time reports, data exports, Push API, TV mode, white labeling and more. Cyfe is provided on a monthly subscription basis with free trial.

9. Sisense

Sisense is a complete data visualization software that provides a graphical representation of all the information collected from multiple sources. The software enables businesses to analyze big datasets and generate relevant business trends for them. It allows the business to identify floating trends with an interactive and visual environment. The solution has functionality for dashboards and scorecards, transform and load (ETL), data warehousing, and a query and report writer. In addition, it offers many dashboards to project the data through charts, trends, maps, KPIs, scatter plots and more.

10. InsightSquared

InsightSquared is an interactive web-based business intelligence software that caters to the requirements of small and mid-sized businesses. It supports revenue operations professionals make better and clever decisions by equipping them with real-time intelligence on sales and marketing KPIs. Key features InsightSquared include comprehensive pipeline management, objective sales forecasting, data-backed planning and analysis, important pipeline trends, and more. InsightSquared provides integration with multiple third-party apps including Slack, Google Analytics, Moz, ActiveCampaign, Twitter, Facebook, Asana and more.

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