10 Best Collaboration Software in 2021 – Reviews


Are you comparing the best collaboration software in 2021? Businesses using collaboration software have the strength to attain operational performance and business success. Properly incorporated collaboration tools deliver many advantages for companies. Flexible work environment, enhanced security and boosted productivity are just a few examples.

Finding the best one available isn’t always an easy task for the consumer, however. Considering how many such collaboration software products are out there, you might find it a bit challenging to find one that would perfectly suit your needs; not unless you take the time to learn what makes a decent collaboration software to begin with.

To save you the trouble, we’ve listed ten best collaboration software packages the market has to offer for you to look at.

Top Collaboration Software in 2021 – Reviews

1. Basecamp

Basecamp is a real-time project management and team communication tool. Basecamp allows you to create projects, document progress and manage tasks. With this solution users can boost accountability, communicate efficiently and keep everyone in the loop. Basecamp is a single source to maintain messages, files, to-dos, and timeline. This online business collaboration tool is used by businesses of all sizes and across multiple verticals including finance, media, retail, logistics, and non-profit. Best Basecamp features include: Brainstorming, Project Management, Discussion Boards, Document Management, Group Calendars, and Task Management.

2. Confluence

Confluence is a project management and collaboration software that allows companies to create, collaborate, review and share project documents. Confluence enables users to create content including meeting notes, product requirements and research reports. You can easily capture, store and grow the team’s knowledge through the product. Confluence’s knowledge management feature offers employees with a centralized repository to access and search relevant content according to project requirements. Confluence’s task management module enables allows managers to delegate, monitor and track changes to tasks assigned to each employee.

3. Wunderlist

Wunderlist is a flexible project management and collaboration software developed for organizations of all sizes. Wunderlist provides task management, project collaboration and project scheduling features within a single solution. This application enables employees to share to-do-lists among team, set reminders, and add notes. Wunderlist’s task management module empowers users to create tasks, assign them to the right people and track the progress of each task. Wunderlist is available for deployment both on-premise and in the cloud. helps users schedule, manage and track all their projects activities from a single platform. Wunderlist is priced on monthly and annual subscription basis. Free trial is also available.

4. Flock

Flock is a complete online tool that facilitates team communication. Flock serves organizations of all sizes across a variety of industries and provides video and audio calling, text chat, screen sharing, uploading documents, images and videos and more. Flock allows employees to easily create projects and tasks, set up email reminders and search for specific comments or files. You can schedule video and audio calls and the screen sharing tool enables you to show colleagues what you are working on in real time. Flock also includes Polls, group discussions and code snippet sharing. The solution provides integration with other third-party apps such as Trello, Google Drive Github and Asana.

5. Samepage

Samepage is a web-based team collaboration & project management software that helps teams eliminate project bottlenecks and communicate smoothly with team members. Top features of Samepage include team chat, task management, video conferencing, group calendars, file sharing, real-time document collaboration and much more. It’s all-in-one team collaboration solution for online project management. Samepage offers integration with multiple third-party apps such as Facebook, YouTube, OneDrive, Microsoft Excel, Dropbox and many others. Support is extended via email and online portal. Pricing is per user per month.

6. Zoho Connect

Zoho Connect is a cloud-based project collaboration software developed for businesses of all sizes across different industries. It enables business users to create an enterprise social network so that colleagues can collaborate and connect on projects. Key features of Zoho Connect include project and task management, comments, voting, discussion boards, cooperative writing, brainstorming, synchronous editing, etc. Zoho Connect empowers team members to have faster communication with better collaboration, boosting productivity and efficiency of the team. The solution provides users a mobile application for iOS and Android devices for remote usage. Zoho Connect is offered on a monthly subscription basis. Support is available via email, FAQs and online knowledge base.

7. Wrike

Wrike is one of the leading collaboration software that helps users to manage projects from start to finish. Wrike comes with enterprise-level security and scalability, along with features such as Gantt charts, Discussion Boards, Document Management, Custom Dashboards, Brainstorming, Calendars and many other, making it the prefered software in the IT management software industry. Wrike is the perfect choice for every marketing or creative team. It offers is a separate product called Wrike for Marketers with tailored templates, proofing tools & an Adobe extension. Wrike pricing starts at $9.80 per month, per user and there is also a free version.

8. Wimi

Wimi is an easy-to-use cloud-based project management and collaboration software. It helps team members in document management, project collaboration, cooperative writing, portfolio management, task management and time tracking. The solution provides document sharing and synchronizing in a Wimi Drive where documents can be uploaded and are stored in the cloud for easy and quick access. Wimi’s comes with AirTime, an audio and video conferencing tool that enables users to create remote meetings and share screens. Wimi is used by mid-size and large organizations in most industries. Pricing is per user on a monthly subscription basis. Support of this product is extended via email, knowledge base and phone.

9. Troop Messenger

Troop Messenger is a team collaboration software created for all sizes of companies to seamlessly interact with each other. It allows users to connect through voice calling, direct messaging, audio messaging, video calling, file previews, and more. The solution makes an organized conversation with the help of Groups teams stay connected round the clock across the platforms of Windows, Linux, Mac OS, Android, and iOS. It offers the delivery options of Custom App, Self-Hosting and APIs to serve diverse industry needs. Troop Messenger can be considered as one of the best Slack alternative with all the important features every business needs. Pricing of Troop Messenger is per user on a monthly subscription basis.

10. Fleep

Fleep is a flexible, easy-to-use collaboration software for team communication and file sharing. It combines messaging with baked-in lightweight collaboration tools and video. With Fleep you contact anyone, anywhere and on any device. The solution is used by business of all sizes and project groups, as well as students & communities globally. It provides integration with any email client making it one the most flexible communication tools for any business. This product can dramatically improve the way you work with colleagues and partners. Located in Estonia, Fleep enables you to seamlessly connect with all of them in one place. Fleep pricing starts at $6.00 per month, per user and there is also a free trial.

We hope this article helped you find the best collaboration software. If you enjoyed this article, you might also want to check our article on the best data center management software and best workflow management software.