Top 10 Best Climbing Helmets of 2021 – Reviews

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Are you looking for the best climbing helmets of 2021? A climbing helmet protects your head against falling debris (rockfall, icefall etc.) and if you accidentally hit into a wall or an overhang. That means a climbing helmet is necessary, not only for hardcore climbing, but also for mountaineering and hiking in areas where rockfall or icefall is common.

When it comes to climbing helmets, you have to bear in mind that the price tag doesn’t always reflect the quality of a climbing helmet, nor does it tell you much about its capabilities. To ensure that you’re getting the right quality, you should take the time and learn as much as you can about what exactly makes a decent climbing helmet in the first place.

With that in mind, let us take a look at the ten best climbing helmets the market has to offer at this point in time.

List of 10 10 Best Climbing Helmets of 2021 – Reviews & Comparisons

1. Petzl Boreo ($60)

Petzl Boreo is a lightweight and durable climbing helmet that is ideal for climbing, mountaineering, caving, and canyoning. Its hybrid construction with thick ABS crown, makes it both compact and head-covering. Moreover, you get a lot of venting for hot weather and a suspension system that nests great in the crown of the helmet.

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2. Petzl Sirocco ($140)

The Petzl Sirocco climbing helmet provides ultralight, comfortable reinforced construction for protection from lateral and rear impact. It uses a combination of expanded polypropylene (EPP) and expanded polystyrene (EPS), but with less polycarbonate covering and a lower-profile design. The wide ventilation holes, adjustable headband and magnetic buckle on the chin strap offer extra comfort.

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3. Black Diamond Half Dome ($65)

The Black Diamond Half Dome is an excellent climbing helmet, ideal for new climbers. It is cheap, durable and comfortable, and will protect your head from falling rocks. Its low-profile suspension system with 1-handed adjustment dial and easily adjustable chin strap provides a comfortable fit.

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4. Petzl Meteor ($100)

The Petzl Meteor is a lightweight and durable climbing helmet that provides excellent ventilation, making it comfortable for both summer and winter mountaineering. The in-mold construction features an expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam liner injected inside a lightweight polycarbonate shell.

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5. Black Diamond Vapor ($140)

This lightweight, comfortable and breathable climbing helmet by market leader Black Diamond provides massive ventilation ports and a highly adjustable padded suspension system. Further, the geometric, open-air design delivers unparalleled airflow.

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6. Black Diamond Vector ($85)

The Black Diamond Vector is a wonderful climbing helmet that offers excellent value and easy-to-use adjustment system. It has a ratcheting adjuster to dial in the fit and a ventilated protection that’s perfect for any climbing discipline. In addition, the clips on the outside of the helmet hold your headlamp in dark places.

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7. Meteor 4 Climbing Helmet

This lightweight and low profile climbing helmet by market leader Petzl offers great ventilation, making it comfortable for both summer and winter. Its breathable foam lining is positioned to stabilize the helmet on your head. Further, the patented magnetic buckle enables the chin strap to be attached with just one hand.

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8. Singing Rock Penta ($66)

The Singing Rock Penta is an excellent climbing helmet. It offers great quality for a very reasonable price. The helmet is designed of combination of EPS and polycarbonate as a lot of helmets on the market.

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9. Camp USA Storm ($100)

This wonderful helmet by market leader Camp USA features an internal adjustment system that keeps it snug and close to the head. The construction is made of EPS with polycarbonate shell. In addition, you get very comfortable helmet that will support you on your next climb.

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10. Edelrid Madillo ($110)

Although it’s pretty heavy, the Elderid Madillo is a great climbing helmet. It is made of three different foam types and an ABS shell, making it very durable choice.

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Climbing Helmets: A Buying Guide – How to Choose a Climbing Helmet

The climbing helmet is one of the most crucial equipment when it comes to the serious climbing activity. This helmet will give ample protection to your head from getting hit by when bumping, falling, big swing, ground fall, and external elements which could strike you anytime when you are out there. When you browse around the market, the choices are plenty. Here is how you can narrow down your options.

The types of helmets

There are three main types of the helmets: hard shell, foam, and hybrid.

Hard shell helmet is a common helmet that you can find in many projects like construction, bmx, outdoor, biking, etc. The hard shell helmet designed for climbing resembles the hard hat constructions which the workers usually wear.

To overcome the impact to your head, the webbing suspension system is installed in the helmet. This type of helmet comes in different sizes and shapes. But usually, this helmet is heavier and not well ventilated.

The next type is the foam helmet. As the name suggests, the foam is the selling point of the helmet. It is not the hard type of helmet because the design is mostly from the foam. The foam helmet is the lightest type of climbing helmet. It can bear the minor bumps and impacts. But if your activity is rigorous, you will need something stronger than this.

The last but not least is the hybrid climbing helmet. It is the combination of the hard shell and the foam design. The manufacturers combine the Thermoplastic shell with the EPS foam for a well-padded helmet. This design replaces the weaknesses in hard shells and foam helmets. So, you will attain the climbing helmet which is lightweight, durable, and well-priced.

Fitting the helmet

There is no one-size-fits-for-all when we talk about the helmet for climbing. A good helmet should cover the forehead, fit snugly without pressuring your head until aching.

If there’s a store nearby your home, you could try various helmets first before deciding to purchase one. Some people are wondering how to choose the fitting helmet. Well, it is pretty much easy to do it. You just need a simple shake of NO and nod YES to see if the helmet is the right one for you. Off the helmet stays there without any problem, then you can rest assured that the fitting is good. There are multiple sizes that you can find on the market. Don’t pick one you firstly find on the market until you compare multiple helmets.

How safe is your helmet?

Safe is always the top paramount. Never buy a poor quality helmet because it will determine your fate out there. How would you know if the specific helmet you choose can provide good protection for your head? The answer is straightforward: safety rating. The safety ratings will determine if the helmet will protect you well or not.

Get the climbing helmet that has UIAA helmet certification. It is the certification granted for helmets that have passed all of the impact tests in the top, front, as well as side impact. Some helmets are effective to protect you in some impacts. But if you get the helmets which have lighter impact protection, you will want to replace your helmet with the new one after experiencing a major impact. It is because your helmet is not 100% safe after impact.

Your climbing activity

What types of climbing are you going to do? There are different helmets out there which are designed to meet the criterion of the climbing.

The mountaineering and trad climbing helmets usually come with the shelled foam. Since mountaineering and trad climbing requires much of your time, you will need something that can be comfortable for a long time. Choose the lightweight and well-ventilated helmet for these activities.

If you are doing Ice climbing, pick a shelled-foam helmet with good protection since you will challenge many outer elements and extreme weather. If you are doing climbing in tropical areas, consider picking the models with good ventilation.
If you are doing indoor climbing, you will need to choose a helmet which is compliant to the gym rules. Rockfall won’t likely happen indoors. So, you could choose a good shelled foam helmet with a good design.

We hope this article helped you find the best climbing helmets. You should also check our guides on the best climbing backpacks and best approach shoes.