Top 10 Best Climbing Harnesses of 2020 – Reviews

Rock climbing might have been your passion for a while. And when you level up, you will want to keep everything safe since your life is at stake. When we are talking about the important equipment for your climbing activity, you will not want to neglect the importance of climbing harnesses. The Climbing harness, in the real extent, is the crucial key to safety measurement. It is the bridge between climbers, their rope, and their belayer.

So, you will want to choose the best climbing harnesses first before proceeding with the activity. You will want to choose the harness that can support your activities from top to bottom. Here are the factors that you need to consider to find the best climbing harness for you.

What kind of climbing?

What kind of climbing would you like to do? Is it indoor or outdoor? How about the routes? Here are the types of climbing that require different types of harnesses.

Indoor climbing

Indoor climbing, aka gym and sport climbing harnesses are prevalent for the beginners and novices. If you’ve just started and want to learn more before going out there, you could look for the harnesses specifically designed for gym and sport. Usually, the models come with 2 to 4 gear loops. These harnesses tend to be thinner and lighter.

Trad climbing

If you are going to the sport climb or gym and carrying more gears at the same time, you could consider trad and multi-pitch climbing harnesses. It is usually more prevalent for long and endurance games which require you to set up the full anchor, rappelling gear, clothes, as well as water. The multi-pitch climbing harnesses usually come with 4 or more gear loops to maximize all of the gears you bring.

Ice climbing

Ice climbing harnesses are almost the same with rock climbing harnesses. The only difference is that the ice climbing harnesses come with the added feature: ice clipper slots. These slots can hold the icce clippers to improve the rackingg ice screws. Look for the harnesses that come with adjustable leg loops and have at least 2 ice clipper slots.

Mountaineering climbing

Alpine climbingg or mountaineering climbing requires the harnesses which are almost the same as ice climbing harnesses. The difference here is that mountaineering climbing harnesses are lighter. It is a great idea to look for a low-profile harness which you can easily store in your backpack. Some of the models have adjustable leg loops with no padding.

The climbing harness size

How would you fit the climbing harnesses? It is important to know that the climbing harness should be your own only. There is no one-size-fits-for-all because the stakes are too high. The harnesses fitting can be different depending on the waist and leg loop sizes. You won’t find the most fitting harness for you unless you are comparing some harnesses from different brands to compare how good they fit and feel. While the fitting is different, the key here is to choose the harness that does not put a lot of pressure to your waist and legs.

The leg loops types

The leg loop types in harnesses come in two different: fixed and adjustable. The adjustable loops can fit a large range of sizes of the leg along with the buckle and webbing. Meanwhile, the fixed leg loops in harnesses do not have buckle and webbing, although some models are great for a large range of leg sizes. The fixed leg loops are lighter. If you have large legs, you will want to choose harnesses with adjustable leg loops.

Harness padding

For your comfort and safety, you shouldn’t neglect the padding. The padding is important to save you from a lot of hassle. The padded leg loops are the best choice for all kinds of users.

The brands

The climbing harnesses brands are plenty. You will find a dozen brands which come with a series of products to choose from. These brands have different reputations, qualities, and so on. You won’t stop only on one brand to find your best harnesses. Compare more than one climbing harness and jot down in your paper. Narrow down the list with certain variables above plus their feedback and reviews. You will eventually find the right harness for you.