Top 10 Best Climbing Backpacks of 2021 – Reviews

best climbing backpacks

Have you checked everything before climbing but yet to choose the backpacks for you? If you have been looking for the right climbing backpacks, you will want to read this guide until you finish so that you’ll come up with the best informative decision. Here are the aspects that you need to take a look in advance shopping around.

The weight of the backpack

It could be a bit tricky to decide to choose the backpack based on their weight. While a lighter backpack could help you carry better than a heavier pack, it does not come with better sturdiness and durability. The heavier backpack, in the other side, comes with more padding and heavier material. In a nutshell, heavier backpack comes with greater durability and sturdiness. The choice will come down to the type of your climbing activity. If you like to travel light, and each climbing session is not too long, then you could pick lighter backpack. If your activity is rigorous, enduring, and lasting, heavier backpack can be your best buddy.

The backpack volume

What will you carry in your journey? You will need ample storage for your ropes, rack, ransom, water, gear, clothing, etc. If you are planning for multi-day trips in the mountains, you will need to upgrade your backpack volume.

The extension

The extension is another important aspect to consider. Some models come with the extra space that you can attain by rolling out, unzipping, or un-tucking. It does not hurt to pick the backpack with extension. Don’t worry if you think you will not be using that extension. You will eventually need it later when there’s an unpredictable thing. You could use the empty space to stick your legs in it to make your night more comfortable. You can thank me later.


The best model is the one which you will be comfortable wearing. So, it is safe to assume that your friend’s backpack won’t work well for you unless you have the exact same body weight and dimensions. The fit is paramount. And this aspect is individual. You will want to check the back-pack by yourself at the store. See if you can use it well. Feel the padding and support. If you notice something was wrong, you will need to move to another backpack product. Don’t stop until you find the most comfortable back that you can wear.

Climbing features

The best backpack for climbing is the backpack for climbing. That means it will be easy to find the features that can help you to improve your game in climbing.

First things first, the good backpack for climbing will provide easy access to your ropes and gear. The best models should include the important climbing features such as the gear loops, suspension, chalk, compartments for your items and gears, trad gear, rope tarp, and other helpful features. You might also need to pick the backpack that is more practical for you. It is a great idea to demonstrate your movements when checking the backpack at a brick-and-mortar store.

Crag, alpine, or gym?

Last but not least, you will want to choose the right backpack based on your climbing activity type. The climbing pack will depend on what you are going to focus on in your outdoors.

The crag pack, for instance, must come with spacious volume which can provide ample space for storing your gear, hardware, and other important items. Crag pack has many designs in the market but the most common ones are front-loading design and bucket style top loading system. The front leading design eases you to access your ropes and other gears.

Meanwhile, alpine backpacks are lighter, more durable, and come with a bunch of features that you can use to improve your climbing experience. The models often come with helpful features such as daisy chain, gear loops, detachable belt, and so on.

If you are planning to do the climbing indoor, consider picking the gym pack types. Gym packs, as the name suggests, will be more comfortable for the gym goers. But the design can be similar to the crag styled pack. The gym pack models conveniently come in crag-style. But it is also possible to find more “gym-like” back styles such as messenger-style backs which have been trending for years in the gym community.


It would take some time until you find the most ideal climbing backpack from the market. But it won’t be too long if you consider all of the aspects we’ve shared above. Happy shopping !