Top 10 Best Camping Stoves of 2021 – Reviews

best camping stoves

Are you looking for the best camping stoves in 2021? Finding the best one available isn’t always an easy task for the consumer, however. There are a lot of brands to consider and an even wider number of features. Figuring out the best camping stove requires a bit of a trade-off between size, weight and fuel type, with various compromises in between. For this reason, you should perhaps take the time to learn as much as you can about what makes a good camping stove and what characteristics to look for when buying one.

After taking into consideration everything the market has to offer, we’ve listed ten best camping stoves money can buy for you to look at.

List of 10 Best Camping Stoves of 2021 – Reviews & Comparisons

1. Camp Chef Everest


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Camp Chef Everest is an amazing camping stove that provides quality, convenience, and superior reliability. It has two large burners that pump out a lot of heat (20,000 BTUs each) but also have great simmer control for cooking diverse meals. The piezo igniter sparks the stove to life with a push of the button, eliminating worries about wet matches and burning your hand. Camp Chef Everest is perfect for road trips and family camping adventures.

2. MSR WindBurner Stove Combo System


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This wonderful stove system combines windproof, radiant burner technology with modular cookware for cooking versatility in the backcountry. The accessories connect directly to the stove for better cooking and consistent heat in windy all conditions. Its anti-topple stove features a remote canister design and self-centering pot for great stability.

3. Coleman Triton Series

Coleman Triton Propane 2-Burner Stove revew

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Colman’s Triton stove provides outstanding impressive cooking power and reliability at a very reasonable price. It has two strong, highly adjustable 11,000 BTU burners that run on a standard 16-ounce propane canister. The folding WindBlock™ shields keep the wind from blowing the flames around. In addition, the spacious cooking surface is big enough to fit a 10-in. pan and a 12-in. pan at the same time.

4. Coleman Guide Series 424

Coleman Dual-Fuel 2 Burner Stove review

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Coleman Guide Series 424 is a wonderful camping stove that offers multi-fuel design and reliable construction. It can run on either white gas or unleaded gasoline. The cooking surface fits two 10 in. pans simultaneously above 2 Band-a-Blu burners that deliver a total 14,000 BTUs of cooking power. The stove lets you cook breakfast, lunch and dinner in any weather.

5. Camp Chef VersaTop

Camp Chef VersaTop Grill System review

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Discover the endless menu possibilities of VersaGrillity™ on your Camp Chef VersaTop grill. This excellent stove comes equipped with Camp Chef’s generously sized, non-stick flattop, features matchless ignition for easy on and off, and cooks evenly across the entire surface. As a downside we can mention that it is pretty heavy and not as versatile as a traditional two-burner stove.

6. Kovea Slim Twin

Kovea Slim Twin Propane Stove review

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The Kovea Slim Twin propane stove is just what you’re looking for! Lightweight and compact, it boasts a low profile that stores and travels easily for all your road-trip and car-camping adventures. The two 10,500 BTU burners are with fully adjustable flame control for great simmering capability. The stove includes a regulator adapter for a 1 lb. propane cylinder.

7. Coleman Butane Instastart

Coleman Butane Stove review

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Coleman Butane Instastart is a compact and affordable stove that works well for limited use or as a backup. Its wind baffles help shield your flame so the most heat possible goes into making your meal. Simply turn the adjustable burner control to activate the Instastart™ automatic ignition and you’ll be cooking in no time.

8. Primus Profile Standard

Primus Profile 2-Burner Stove

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This innovative camping stove that provides quality materials or your weekend trip. The two 12,000 BTU stove burners enable you to easily boil water, warm soup or scramble some eggs. Its lid and side panels work as a windscreen while cooking. The twist-click piezo ignition lights the burners quickly and easily.

9. BioLite CampStove 2

BioLite Wood Burning CampStove 2 review

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BioLite CampStove 2 is fantastic stove that features easy-to-read LED indicators that display fire strength, available power, and fan speed. The stove allows you to switch between four fan speeds to adjust the size of your fire, and the ability to charge your phone or other devices in the woods is an undeniable perk. BioLite flagship smokeless combustion creates 95% less smoke emissions compared to a regular wood fire.

10. GoSun Sport Solar Camp Stove

GoSun Sport Solar Cooker review

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This amazing stove allows you to cook a meal using only the sun. It can steam, bake, roast and saute, and it can cook a meal in just 20 min. in direct sun. The stove warms quickly in sunlight (up to 550°F), and the efficient vacuum tube performs even in partially cloudy conditions and cold weather. It doesn’t need frequent adjustment, making it a low-maintenance, fuel-free cooking device.

How to Choose a Camping Stove: A Buying Guide

For those of you who like camping, of course, you cannot be separated from cooking activities. Now the question is, what stove is right for camping? The type of stove most suitable for camping is by the conditions of each campsite. The types of air stoves can be distinguished based on the fuel used and the stove design. Then also each type of stove, there are well-known brands, and even produce camping stove products with certain types of fuel. Here are some tips for choosing a suitable stove for your camping trip.

Fit your style

There are two types of stoves that you can find. The first is a freestanding model with legs, and the second is a more portable table design. Stoves that are standing are usually larger, heavier, and have two to three burners. These stoves generally can cover large groups or those who need a lot of space and people to cook. Another benefit of the freestanding stove is that it can be installed almost anywhere. You no longer need to bother looking for a flat surface at camp or setting aside a room to put the stove on. For the second model, namely the table stove, you can place this stove directly on the table or bench to start using it. Table hobs are much smaller and more portable than freestanding stoves. You just need to make sure that you have a sturdy, balanced surface to place the stove on.

Determine the number of burners

Burners are one of the things you should pay attention to. The usual standard number among stove types is two burners, for both free-standing and table hobs. Two stoves are enough to compensate for your cooking activities when camping with a few people (between five and six people). If you are camping with few members (between two and three people), you can choose a stove that uses a single burner. Single-burner hobs can also work just as well as hobs with two burners. Besides, a single burner stove takes up less space and is lighter in weight, making it easier to carry around. One stove is also suitable for those of you who like backpacking. If you are camping on a large scale, don’t worry, because there is also a three-burner stove with more cooking capacity. So, in determining the number of burners, you have to consider in terms of personal preference, how complicated your meals are, and the scale of your camping activities (number of members).

The number of BTUs you need

The British Thermal Unit or what you often know as the BTU abbreviation is a measure of the amount of energy you need to heat 1 pound of water by 1 degree Fahrenheit. This number is important to understand how much power a stove has. In other words, a burner with more BTU will be able to generate more heat than a burner with less BTU. So the BTU is both an accurate power indicator and a good point of comparison between different stove models. The amount of BTU you need depends on the amount and what you are cooking. With more BTU, you can cook faster for large camping groups or for those of you who want to cook a variety of dishes. For those of you who cook in these conditions, you should use a stove with a BTU output of at least 20,000 per burner. For small groups consisting of or less than four burners with 10,000 BTU or less this will suffice.

Besides the three points above, other things that are no less important are the capacity and type of stove fuel, the characteristics of the stove, and the shape of the stove body. For stove features, you can choose a stove that is windproof and has a simmer control. And, for the characteristics of the stove, you can choose a stove with a certain weight and size. You can choose a stove that is light and small so that it is easy for you to carry, especially if you have to carry your camping gear. Or, you can choose a larger stove if you can use a vehicle to reach the campsite. Hopefully, these tips are useful for those of you who are still confused about choosing the right camping stove. Happy camping!

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