Top 10 Best Camping Chairs of 2021 – Reviews

top best camping chair

Often we’re asked about what are the best camping chairs in 2021 that we recommend.
Having said that, we should point out that not all camping chairs meet the same functional standards, not unless you dare to venture in the high-end part of the market.

And that’s the reason we’ve decided to do the research ourselves and find the camping chairs that are the highest quality and provide the best performance.

List of 10 Best Camping Chairs of 2021 – Reviews & Comparisons

1. Helinox Chair Zero ($120)

Helinox Chair Zero is amazingly lightweight, comfortable and packable camping chair that packs down to the width of a standard 32 oz. water bottle and weighs a single pound. Thanks to anodized DAC aluminum poles, this chair is strong enough to support up to 265 lbs. Its single shock-corded pole structure makes for easy setup. The downsize of Helinox Chair Zero is its quite high price at $120.

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2. Kelty Discovery Low Loveseat ($100)

The Kelty Discovery Low Loveseat is very comfortable folding chair built for 2, and is perfect for all-day summer festivals or getting cozy around the fire during a road trip. The chair comes with a wide and supportive seat, nice detailing like adjustable arm rests and insulated drink holders, and a reclined back.

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3. REI Co-op Flexlite Air ($100)

The REI Co-op Flexlite Air is very lightweight and comfy chair that sets up easily using an aluminum frame that’s similar to the frame on a lightweight tent. Its sturdy ripstop nylon seat has a durable water repellent (DWR) finish to shed light rain and stains. It folds down easily to store in the included stuff sack.

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4. GCI Outdoor Freestyle Rocker ($60)

GCI Outdoor Freestyle Rocker is an excellent that will allow you to kick back and relax at the campground. The shocks in back offer a smooth and relaxing rocking motion on hard or soft ground and the powder-coated steel frame supports up to 250 lbs. Although it’s pretty heavy, the chair includes padded armrests for good comfort.

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5. Yeti Trailhead Camp Chair ($300)

The Yeti Trailhead Camp Chair is a very durable and comfortable chair that features hands-free portability and a lightweight folding frame. This makes it easy to pack up, carry and load in your vehicle. At $300, this chair is a little bit price, however, it’s a great option for camping, sporting events, and concerts that should last for many years.

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6. REI Co-op Flexlite Camp Boss ($80)

The REI Co-op Flexlite Camp Boss is a comfortable chair that comes with a wider seat than the standard version, and the 14-inch height is tall enough for most. It sets up easily using an aluminum frame that’s similar to the frame on a lightweight tent. The bluesign®-approved materials conserve resources and protect the health of the environment, workers and wearer.

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7. Helinox Swivel Chair ($150)

Helinox Swivel is a comnfy and light chair, and with a stable, four-legged platform, it’s the perfect choice for you. The chair sets up quickly and easily and comes with breathable mesh on sides. At $150, it’s pretty pricey, but for your money you get comfort and versatility.

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8. REI Co-op Camp Xtra Chair

Comfortable and stocked with 2 drink holders and a side stash pocket, REI Co-op Camp Xtra Chair has X-Web technology to evenly distribute your weight and make the most of your lounge time. The frame is constructed of heavy-duty, thick-walled steel tubing for enduring strength. The versatile integrated cup holders on both armrests accommodate a wide variety of container shapes and sizes. This chair has a weight capacity of 400 lbs.

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9. REI Co-op Outward Low Padded Lawn Chair

This outstanding chair is shaped like the aluminum folders you remember sitting on during backyard summer nights as a kid—only way more comfy, sturdy and stable. Its bifold design allows easy setup and takedown. Moreover, the attached backpack straps and carry handle make the chair easy to transport to the park, concert or campground.

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10. REI Co-op Flexlite Camp Dreamer Chair

You asked for it: a headrest on our durable, compact co-op favorite Flexlite chair. The REI Co-op Flexlite Camp Dreamer is a durable and compact chair and it’s all you need for your camping weekend. The chair features a removable pillow, higher back, mesh pockets on both sides and an increased weight limit of 300 lbs. It sets up easily using an aluminum frame that’s similar to the frame on a lightweight tent.

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Camping Chairs: A Buying Guide – How to Choose Camping Chairs

Getting away from dull repetitive routines has been everybody’s dream, and camping is like the best escape. You can sit by the warm campfire while relaxing under the healing moonlight. Thus, camping chairs are essential.

A classic camping chair is most of the time foldable and portable, but these necessary traits are not the only factors that will determine if your camping chair is the best for you. There are numerous choices of camping chairs, so it will not be so easy to find one that accommodates all you want. Here is a useful guide on what you should consider choosing the best camping chairs for you.

The Material

There are various materials used to construct camping chairs, and each of them is best for different purposes. Aluminum is used to make the legs or frames because of its strength. As for the fabric, nylon is commonly used for it is sturdy, easy to maintain, and water-resistant. However, further considerations are needed if you want to camp by the beach, during hot seasons, or with water activities involved in your camping trip.

Size and Weight

The lightest and smallest camping chairs have the most basic function while the heaviest and biggest ones offer more. It is down to where and how you would like to spend your camping days. If you are going on a weekend camping in your RV, it is not a problem if you carry a bulky, elaborate camping chair. Anyway, if you are going backpacking, choose a light, small, backpacking chair.

The Capacity

How much weight you chair can support is also what you need to put in mind when choosing the best camping chairs. It is utterly important to match the weight of the user with the capability of the chair because you want your chair to last a pretty long time to enjoy many camping trips. It is not very hard to decide which chairs can accommodate more weight because the size of the chairs usually goes parallel with the weight they support.

Different Camping Locations

All of the three aforementioned factors actually bring you down to what you really need in different camping grounds. You need to consider what type of camping site brings you the best healing moments and choose your best camping chairs.

By the beach

To camp by the beach, you definitely will enjoy the experience with the water as well. You would love to sit in your camping chair on the beach to hang around, sunbathe, read, and sometimes get a bit wet by the water. Here, the best camping chair for you should be low enough to allow you to soak your feet in the water and light enough for you to easily lift your chair when the tide comes or when you want to take a break from the water. Aluminum frames are best here because aluminum is super light.

In the countryside

Countryside camping usually involves fun activities like attending concerts, going to festivals and fishing, so you will get the best experience with a light, portable camping chair. With a chair having a good balance between its stability and weight, you can even enjoy backpacking camping to the countryside. You just need to remember that If the chair is too small in size, it will not be very comfortable or stable.

On the hill

If you want to enjoy hiking and camping together, it would be best to travel light. It goes without saying, the most suitable camping chair is one meant for backpacking. It should be lightweight and foldable. You should avoid complicated designs since comfort is what you really need to make the best of your camping trip.

With a car

Comfort is what you are after when you camp out of your own car. The idea of escaping the chaotic life and falling into your chair after a busy, long day makes you dream of that fancy camping chair with great leg rest and back support. As the size and weight of the camping chair will not be a huge problem because you will bring your car, the best camping chair will be a big, comfy chair.

We hope this article helped you find the best camping chairs. If you enjoyed this article, you might also want to check out our articles for the best camp coolers and best camping stoves.