10 Best Business Process Management Software in 2021 – Reviews


Are you looking for the best business process management (BPN) software in 2021? Business process management software is an essential activity for every organization. BPM is the future as it reduces a lot of repetitive work, ensures that organizations can implement regulatory requirements quickly and provides reporting and analytical tools for making better decisions.

It should be said, however, that not all business process management solutions are created equal. To ensure that you’re getting the right quality, you need to first figure out what the market has in store. That’s why we’ve done the work for our readers and have found the best business process management software around.

Top Business Process Management Software for 2021 – Reviews

1. Process Street

Process Street is an affordable cloud-based business process management (BPM) software that allows companies to create checklists and process documents for recurring projects. The solution includes powered checklists that will assist to save a lot of money and avoid mistakes. Process Street is used in business functions like client setup, employee onboarding, recruiting, help desk support and more. This software comes with scheduled checklists, permission controls, web forms, process analysis, process capture, scheduling tools and reporting. Process Street allows users to manage many projects, review ongoing projects, assign tasks and collaborate with team members. The software is priced on a monthly or annual subscription basis.

2. Pipefy

Pipefy is one of the leading business process management software that serves organizations of all sizes in industries such as business process outsourcing, finance, retail, IT, service desk, and more. The solution enables users to create custom workflows, define work rules and collaborate with team members in real time. Key features of Pipefy include task management, business rules management, pre-designed process templates, admin controls, two-factor authentication, process modeling & design, email messaging, bug tracking and reporting. It provides integration with several applications such as Slack, MailChimp, Salesforce, Google Calendar, Zendesk, and more. Pipefy is offered on a monthly subscription pricing.

3. WorkflowGen

WorkflowGen is a cloud-based workflow and business process management software for businesses of all sizes and different industries. The solution offers a form designer which provides users to build customized web forms. The form designer tool combines coding in HTML and Java, removing the need for additional application to create forms. WorkflowGen also includes functions such as automatic escalation, automatic synchronization, lifecycle management, process management, email notifications and layout customization. The solution is available with monthly subscription pricing and it offers customer support via email and phone.

4. Comidor

Comidor is a simple and affordable BPM platform that supports collaboration between different departments by exchanging the information gathered, setting up verbal communication and offers useful tools that will benefit the outcome of the final product. To top all that, it has an easy to use interface. Comidor enables you to import contacts from sources such as Outlook, LinkedIn, Google, and CSV and order them chronologically. The solution also allows users to assign contact administrators and adjust access permissions. In addition, users can estimate target turnovers, set deadlines and define competitors with the Comidor’s pipeline and opportunity management feature.

5. Gluu

Gluu is an innovative web-based process management platform suitable for a variety of industries. Gluu supports users easily understand and execute their processes. The solution allows process managers to automate recurring tasks. Primary features of this product include process mapping, work instructions, lifecycle management, process analysis, task and case management, reporting and knowledge sharing around processes. Gluu provides integration with Office 360 and G Suite. Mobile applications are available for Android and iOS devices. Support of Gluu is offered via phone, email, and online help desk.

6. Laserfiche

Laserfiche is a cloud-based content management & process management software that serves businesses of all sizes in industries such as finance, accounting, real estate, manufacturing, healthcare, education, and more. The solution provides document scanning and data capture, search features, process modeling & design, metadata modification, invoicing and workflow automation tools. Cloud-based and on-premise deployments are available. With Laserfiche you can scan, upload and store documents from multiple sources. Support is available via email and an online portal. Laserfiche is priced per user per month.

7. Flokzu

Flokzu is an innovative workflow automation software that helps users manage recurring processes. Flokzu enables users to define processes, design customized workflows and manage service level agreements (SLAs). The drag and drop interface lets users to have access to all past and present data. The software offers process templates for bug and issue reporting. Users can easily set issue priority, request information and set timelines for resolution. Pricing of Flokzu is priced on a monthly subscription basis. Support is extended through email, phone and an online portal.

8. Metatask

Metatask is a simple and secured cloud-based workflow and business process software. This platform does not use complicated diagrams, flowcharts and simulations but instead divides the work into a simple list. This prevents chaos and confusion. Metatask allows users to extract information from emails or chats, according to convenience. Users can start new projects for the entire team within minutes using Metatask’s user-friendly templates. A simple process editor empowers users to easily allocate repeatable projects. Metatask is priced on a monthly subscription basis and support is available via email, phone and an online portal.

9. Signavio

Signavio is a modern and secured collaborative process & decision management software that allows users to make better decisions. The software empowers you to automatically mine process models from a variety of IT systems operating within your company. The powerful combination of process discovery, process analysis, process modeling and conformance checking with a customizable ETL engine, will give you game-changing insights into your organization or business. Pricing for Signavio is on a monthly subscription basis and support is extended via email, phone and online FAQs.

10. Engage Process Modeler

Engage Process Modeler is an affordable business process management (BPM) software that provides process mapping, process analysis, user management, process publishing, process feedback and reporting. Engage Process Modeler is suitable for businesses and organizations of all sizes in most industries. It allows users to map business processes using the easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface. You can easily visualize business processes as icons can be assigned to tasks. Engage Process Modeler is provided on a monthly subscription plan. Support is available through webinars, via email and over the phone.

We hope this article helped you find the best business process management software. If you enjoyed this article, you might also want to check our top picks on the best collaboration software and best cybersecurity software.