10 Best Business Continuity Software in 2021 – Reviews


Are you comparing the best business continuity software in 2021? Business continuity software these days have become a necessity in so many ways. There are many benefits of using business continuity software such as keeping your business trading during and after an incident, recovering operations more quickly after interruptions, reducing costs and duration of any disruption and more.

Yet, there are a lot of people who are not even aware of it. Whether you’re an young startup or an established technology company, using business continuity software can pay dividends for your business.

Sometimes it can be difficult to determine which software to choose, however, among the multitude of business continuity solutions currently available. To ensure that you’re getting the right quality, you need to first figure out what the market has in store. In order to give you a better idea of what’s out there, we’ve listed ten best business continuity software packages that really inspired us.

Top Business Continuity Software for 2021 – Reviews & Comparison

1. Carbonite

Carbonite is an online backup and recovery platform that offers end-to-end data protection and compliance solutions. It provides users to easily protect files and information such as applications, documents, videos, and other important data. Top features of Carbonite include backup scheduling, remote sharing and access, cloud backup, encryption, courier recovery, hybrid backup, video and hard drive backup. The solution stores data in a controlled environment with 24-hour backup generators, empowering businesses with secure cloud backup services. Carbonite is available on a monthly subscription basis and there is a free trial.

2. GoodSync

GoodSync is a modern and secure backup and synchronization software with remote file access. GoodSync empowers you with various features including real-time data transfer feature, backup log and scheduling, block level data transfer, unattended service feature, bandwidth throttling, end-to-end encryption, version history control, incremental backup, copy locked files, multiple system support and more. GoodSync is priced on a monthly subscription basis. Support is extended via email, phone and FAQs.

3. Zerto Virtual Replication

Zerto Virtual Replication is a secure virtual data replication & recovery software that helps users accelerate IT transformation by eliminating the risk and complexity of modernization and cloud adoption. This business continuity software is developed on a foundation of continuous data protection (CDP). Zerto Virtual Replication offers simplicity, enterprise scale, backup scheduling and agile data protection features to the organizations to save time, resources and costs. The solution is trusted by over 10,000 customers worldwide and is powering resilience offerings for Microsoft Azure, AWS, IBM Cloud, and more than 300 cloud services providers.

4. Kaseya VSA

Kaseya VSA is an online IT management and remote monitoring software for businesses of all sizes. It provides business continuity solutions to the users such as automation feature, compression, united backup, audit & inventory, contextual documentation, encryption, network monitoring, anti-virus & anti-malware and much more. Kaseya VSA offers a central platform for managing IT operations including handling complaints, ticketing, auditing, reporting and more. This software is provided on a per user per month basis that includes support through email phone and an online knowledge base.

5. Datto

Datto is a leading cloud-to-cloud backup and recovery software of MSP-delivered IT solutions. Datto provides enterprise-level technology to the small and mid-sized organizations and businesses. With Datto users can experience undefined continuity solution, networking, secure data storage, file backup & sync, and business management solution. In addition, this platform delivers top-level support and great customer-experience to their customers. Datto is priced on a monthly subscription basis that support is extended through email and phone.

6. Rubrik

Rubrik is a simple and secure cloud data management solution where the user can manage backup on-premises to cloud. Rubrik offers instant recoveries, backup log and backup scheduling, hands-free management, easy cloud adoption, search and analyze application data, automated workflows, and many more benefits to the users. It provides one-click simplicity and end-to-end security to the user. Data can be sent to any destination and easily retrieved when needed. This software has been named to Gartner’s Cool Vendors in Storage Technologies, 2016, the Forbes Cloud 100, and awarded with the NorthFace ScoreBoard Award.

7. SolarWinds MSP Backup

SolarWinds is a fast and secure IT management software that enables businesses to manage and track IT devices. SolarWinds provides safe and reliable features for powerful business continuity. Top features of SolarWinds include server backup, security-focused storage, workstation backup, encryption, backup documents, antivirus protection, faster backups and restores, bare metal recovery, and archiving & versioning. With the patch management feature companies can easily automate patching and reduce vulnerabilities. SolarWinds is perfect for businesses of all sizes and can be deployed both on-premise and in the cloud. Support is available via email, phone and an online portal.

8. xMatters

xMatters is a complete cloud-based incident management software designed to help organizations to identify, prevent and handle IT issues. The solution enables companies to collaborate with teams through email, SMS, or voice messages. Its monitoring functionality generates helpdesk tickets from alerts and sends notifications via conference bridges. xMatters comes with robust features such as dynamic toolchains, real-time notifications, enterprise-grade architecture, encryption, multi-system support, on-call management, analytics, secure data storage, automatic routing and ChatOps rooms.

9. Upsafe

Upsafe is a powerful business continuity and cloud backup Software. Upsafe is efficient, simple and easy-to-use application where you can find a cloud to cloud backup feature for your personal use or for corporate as well. Upsafe integrates with other third-party tools such as AppDynamics, Bitbucket, Microsoft Teams, Slack, and Salesforce Desk. Support is extended via an online portal, email and phone. Upsafe offers Android and iOS-compatible mobile applications.

10. Way We Do

Way We Do is a great business continuity software and a platform for creating standard operating procedures (SOP). Way We Do helps business users in opening & closing procedures, management procedures, onboarding staff procedures, project management procedures, bookkeeping procedures, and real time compliance. The product serves small, established and enterprise-level businesses. It offers clear instructions, easy monitoring, and seamless workflow integration. Way We Do is helpful to improve brand reputation and recognition.

We hope this article helped you find the best business continuity software. You should also check our list of the best data center management software and best business dashboard software.