Top 10 Best Bouldering Crash Pads of 2021 – Reviews

best bouldering crash pads

Often we’re asked about what are the best bouldering crash pads in 2021 that we recommend. In the world of climbing, bouldering has already established itself and is creating a new wave beyond the boundaries of power and style in climbing. Bouldering fans are starting to emerge and you can start with the simplest steps, namely providing a pair of shoes, chalk and a bouldering crash pad.

If anything, the variety of choices can make it rather difficult for someone to come to the correct conclusion without some prior professional help. This is where we come into the picture as we have taken all the necessary steps to learn as much as humanly possible about what makes them special to begin with.

And so, here are the best bouldering crash pads you can buy today.

List of 10 Best Bouldering Crash Pads of 2021 – Reviews & Comparisons

1. Metolius Session II ($160)

The Metolius Session II is a wonderful crash pad at very reasonable price and has several updates to the previous version. The 2 new drag handles make it easier to position the pad while it’s unfolded. Further, it reverses to cover up the shoulder straps while you’re bouldering.

2. Metolius Recon ($280)

This nice crash pad offers high quality If space is at very small landing area. The pad comes with Velcro that effectively seals up the two angled hinge folds, therefore the gutter problem is nearly removed. It features small exterior stash pocket and a large interior pocket that hold shoes, chalk bags and other stuff.

3. Organic Climbing Big Four ($299)

The Organic Climbing Big Four comes with the three-layer design that includes memory foam, closed-cell foam, and open-cell foam. It provides approximately 4’x5′ (46″x 58″) of surface area and a full 4″ thick when open. The landing zone is fully customizable in your choice of background color and accent colors and is made one-of-a-kind from recycled cutting room scraps.


4. Mad Rock Duo ($249)

The Mad Rock Duo is one of our favourite picks in the list. Its flap design enables you to carry two pads securely. The pad comes with a robust suspension system that boasts soft molded EVA. Further, It features such as a welcome mat, water bottle holder, load lifters and the excess strap pouch.

Duo Pad

5. Asana Pro Spotter Pad ($95)

This awesome supplemental pad comes with an impressive number of functions into a compact size. At 3 inches thick when folded up, the pad can be a sit start pad. Moreover, it is long and wide enough to be used as a camping sleeping pad.

Pro Spotter Pad

6. Organic Simple Pad ($179)

The Simple Pad is a great affordable pad by the market leader Organic. It features an 1050-denier ballistic nylon shell and 1000-denier Cordura landing zone, in addition to the metal buckle closures, hybrid hinge, and robust suspension system. With minimal bells and whistles, the Simple is made to support you in any conditions.


7. Asana SuperHero ($285)

The Super Hero is a simple, durable and functional pad that covers a huge landing zone and still fits comfortably into the back of your car. Its flap closure enables you to securely carry gear or attach another pad without too many shenanigans.

SuperHero Clones

8. Mad Rock Mad Pad ($179)

This amazing pad is perfect for new boulderers or those looking for an affordable second pad. It is made with Mad Rock’s standard 5-inch sandwiched foam and features Velcro for continuous flooring and can be converted into a couch.

Mad Pad

9. Mad Rock Triple Mad Pad ($279)

This wonderful pad is the biggest one in the list with its size of 44″ x 72″. You can lean back and enjoy a nice lunch break on the full-sized lounge bench. When the climbing’s done it’s the perfect full mattress to throw in the back of your ride for a night of stargazing or catching z’s before your alpine start.

Triple Mad Pad

10. Mad Rock R3 ($199)

The Mad Rock R3 is a comfortable, durable and affordable pad that is made with seven separate baffles filled with shredded closed-cell foam. This design allows to conform to uneven surfaces while still offering a cushioned landing zone. The ground shield unfolds to protect the pad’s suspension system from dirt and moisture.

R3 Crash Pad

Bouldering Crash Pads: A Buying Guide – How to Choose a Bouldering Crash Pad

Bouldering is indeed very easy compared to other climbing sports that require a lot of facilities and equipment for protection and security. Bouldering only requires one method of protection known as a bouldering crash pad or safety mat, with the same function of protecting you from the ground. You will of course need a bouldering crash pad to avoid injury if you fall from a height while climbing.

What is a bouldering crash pad?

When you are climbing a large rock, you may suddenly fall, your hope that if you fall is definitely not badly injured, aka landing on something soft. It can be concluded that the bouldering crash pad is a thick foam consisting of several layers of different hardness, covered with a special protective cloth that is not easily torn. To make it easier to carry the bouldering crash pad while climbing hills, almost all of them have a set of shoulder straps with a detachable backpack model, some are in the form of a chest strap and most can be folded into a smaller size and secured with a lock to make it easier to carry the bouldering crash pad on. back and climb the cliff.

There are some manufacturers that provide optional extras such as top carrying handles, areas for mounting multiple bearings and also some provide carrying pockets. Some cushions have extra folds or provide a removable base.

Choice of foam type

Nearly all bouldering crash pads have a backing that consists of two or three layers of foam and usually uses a layer mix with closed cell or open cell PU foam. What is meant by open cell foam is a foam that is lighter and softer which is specially designed to protect you when you fall. Gives the feeling as if you are sitting back on the sofa and is generally in the middle or under the cushion layer. A more dense, heavier and harder foam is a closed cell foam that functions to disperse impact forces.

It should be noted that even if you think that a softer cushion is always more comfortable and it is easier to protect you when you land, the hardness of the foam and how long it stays hard is very important to save you from injury. In theory, if the bouldering crash pad is too soft and cheap, the pads that are too thin will not be able to hold you back if you fall from a great height, your body may fully compress the foam and as a result your body hit the hard ground directly. This also applies to the hard lining of the bouldering crash pad which is old and has lost its firmness.

Some of today’s modern bouldering crash pads feature a memory foam top layer that is the result of a technology that combines softness during fall and durability. And some new technology from the manufacturer exists that uses a mix of recycled foam that creates excellent cushioning and has a less rigid structure so it can adapt to bumpy and uneven ground.

Several manufacturers put out good quality crash pad boulders that combine durability and weight together so that the bearing lasts longer. There are many cheap crash pad boulders that use chemicals to make the cheaper foam tough, but this foam will eventually break down faster so you’ll have to buy a new bouldering crash pad instead of risking injury by landing on a worn pad.

Tips before you buy a bouldering crash pad

1. Be sure to check some bouldering crash pads in the store for size, features and weight before purchasing.
2. Prepare a bouldering crash pad that is large enough but easy to carry.
3. Choose the right hinge style for the area you are using, choose for an uneven surface.
4. Don’t buy cheap foam if you want it to last a long time, avoid buying regular exercise pads or children’s foam especially used pads.
5. Do not use the bouldering crash pad to sleep, you will easily wear it out.

We hope this article helped you find the best bouldering crash pads. We bet you’ll also love our other lists for the best mountaineering tents and best mountaineering boots.