10 Best Board Management Software in 2021 – Reviews


Often we’re asked about what are the best board management software in 2021 that we recommend. There are great number of reasons why small businesses invest in a new board management software. Quickly access important board information, streamline board administration and increase board member engagement are just a few examples.

With that in mind, let us also point out that the market has quite the selection to choose from, especially when it comes to board management software packages. To ensure that you’re getting the right quality board management solutions, you need to take the time and learn as much as you possibly can about the features that best recommend board management software and what characteristics to consider when buying some.

Let us then take a look at the ten best board management software the market has to offer in an effort to find out more about what makes a good board management software to begin with.

Top Board Management Software in 2021 – Reviews

1. Diligent Boards

Diligent Boards is a content management software for creating, distributing and collaborating on board meeting books and materials. The solution provides numerous features like approval process management, electronic signature, role-based permissions, member directory, and more. With Diligent Boards companies can reach higher productivity and effective leadership. Board members can leverage it for different responsibilities including building committees, creating regular reports, forming contacts, etc. Additionally, board members can access information online and offline with the option to store materials locally. The software is available for purchase on a per user per year basis.

2. OnBoard

OnBoard is a cloud-based board management software. OnBoard allows users to compile and coauthor board books and materials. Key features of OnBoard include Approval Process Management, Calendar Management, Collaboration, Document Management, Electronic Signature, For Nonprofits, Member Directory, Minutes Management, Polls / Voting, Role-Based Permissions. Updates to materials save automatically and are instantly synced across users’ devices — including desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Notes and annotations can be typed directly into materials and are also searchable. The solution has functionality for remote data swipe, surveys and multi-board support. It provides support through email or phone and periodic webinar tutorials for training on new materials.

3. Azeus Convene

Azeus Convene is an innovative board management software with an efficient suite of mobile and web-based meeting tools. It provides executives and directors to have secure access to board papers. The solution can be used to compile and distribute papers, generate minutes and, carry forward actions items for meetings. Developed by Azeus Systems, the software is suitable for a wide range of companies including SME, banks, governments, healthcare & non-profits in more than 90 countries. Key features of Azeus Convene include agenda management, approval process management, board meetings, legislative meeting, post-meeting tools, voting management, etc. Users have access to 24/7 customer support through phone, email and an online help desk. Azeus Convene is priced on a per-user, per-month basis.

4. Brainloop BoardRoom

Brainloop BoardRoom is a modern and secure board meeting management software that allows users to prepare for board meetings faster efficiently. Brainloop BoardRoom is a secure software for highly confidential meetings among board members and executives. Key features of Brainloop BoardRoom include approval process management, collaboration, document management, calendar management, member directory, role-based permissions, etc. It simplifies the meeting processes and assists in collaborating through any medium or device in real-time. Brainloop BoardRoom is available for purchase on a per user per year basis.

5. BoardPacks

BoardPacks is an easy to use board meeting solution that simplifies board management and enables users to replicate paper online and fully utilize the potential to improve board meetings. BoardPacks supports users to bring down costs, increase sustainability, governance and compliance of the organization. Top features of BoardPacks include approval process management, members’ directory, electronic signature, role-based permissions, document management, and others. The software is ideal for board members and company secretaries at top brands and important public sector enterprises like corporate, pension, non-profit, education, healthcare, funds, government. BoardPacks is available for purchase on a per user per year basis.

6. Boardable

Boardable is one of the leading board management software for nonprofits. The solution assists in keeping the board’s documents, polls and other information with efficiency. Top features of Boardable include collaboration, document management, member directory, minutes management, scheduling and member input. The solution allows users to customize team structures and direct meetings, notifications and discussions to the necessary groups. Discussions, documents and polls can all be associated with a meeting and are accessible on a single screen for viewing before, during or after the meeting. With Boardable you can create polls to get input from members before meeting, hold votes remotely and gather information from members who might not be able to attend a given meeting.

7. BoardPAC

BoardPAC is an award-winning paperless board meeting automation solution and one of the leading board management software available in the market. The software is secure and easy to use and gives an effective method to access papers and supplementary information directly from any device. BoardPAC contributes to effective decision making in the organization and overall productivity. Top features include” Approval Process Management, Calendar Management, Collaboration, Document Management, Electronic Signature, Member Directory, Role-Based Permissions. The solution is offered with the highest data security management certification by ISO 27001 and with unlimited 24×7 support and training.

8. Board Papers

Board Papers is a modern and innovative portal that makes board meetings simple and enables support staff to use a familiar Microsoft SharePoint® interface to conduct meetings, control documentation and access to the confidential file. The solution allows secure downloading facility for documents and cuts down the delivery time. It is ideal for any size company looking to eliminate the emailing, printing and shipping of meeting materials and provide a great paperless meeting experience for their board and management teams.

9. BoardSpace

BoardSpace is one of the leading board meeting software in the market that supports organizations in saving documents. Key features of BoardSpace include document management, minutes management, role-based permission, collaboration, document management, member directory, etc. BoardSpace enables users to transform every word in the minutes and ensures the director’s decision along with the supporting documents organized for future references. Located in Canada, BoardSpace pricing starts at $50.00 per month.

10. Board Management

Board Management is an advanced, easy-to-use collaborative board portal software that serves midsize and enterprise-level companies in a wide range of industries. The solution helps managers to make better, more-informed business decisions by unifying Business Intelligence, Enterprise Performance Management, Planning and Advanced Analytics in one solution. With this software you can pull from almost any data source, as well as generate full self-service reporting. You can export reports into various formats like CSV, HTML, and more. The platform also features extensive multi-lingual capabilities, making it an ideal choice for organizations that need to deliver reports in another language.

We hope this article helped you find the best board management software. If you enjoyed this article, be sure to check out our top picks on the best collaboration software and best business continuity software.