Top 10 Best Bike Jackets of 2020 – Reviews

For some people, a bike jacket is one of the main equipment to provide more protection when cycling. Bike jackets are certainly different from regular jackets, some material innovations and fashion-forward styles make the bike jacket lighter and make it easier for the user to breathe. Of the many bike jackets on the market, it’s a good idea to consider the following before buying, so that you find the right bike jacket for your needs and style.

1. Cut

The cut or fit, the type of ergonomic cut on a bike jacket, must match various levels of performance from a bicycle race track to a bicycle track. This bike jacket must be ergonomic so that you can wear it comfortably when you are hunched over on the handlebars. This is also one of the reasons why cutouts on mountain bike jackets are more commonly used for road bike bike jackets. The cut on a mountain bike jacket is usually looser, looking more casual but just as functional, this jacket is a crossover jacket for mountain bikers and cyclists in urban areas. When you are going to buy a bike jacket, you need to consider how efficient and whether you really need it for cycling trips, whether cycling with a group or an important race or just cycling to your favorite coffee shop.

2. Pockets

As one of the most important and much talked about features, pockets are essential in a bike jacket, from open pockets to pockets that use Velcro closures to zippers. Look for a bike jacket with a pocket that fits your needs, such as a waterproof pocket for your smartphone complete with integrated cable management to make it easier for you to listen to music, a small zippered pocket for your house / hotel room keys or maybe a few large back pockets for food. and other equipment. There is also a bike jacket that can be tucked into its own pocket and zipped closed for easy portability. As well as pockets for storage, you could also consider the front hand warming pockets that are commonly found on recreational jackets and mountain bikes.

3. Material

The world of textiles is constantly evolving and many brands have different names for basically the same fabric. There are also materials that are specially made to be slightly different so that they can be stamped as proprietary. You could say that all these fabrics are good so don’t let the advertisements poison your brain. Most jacket materials are a variety of polyester, Lycra, Nylon and other synthetic materials with and without treatment for water and windproof. The fact is you can’t have both, the balance between water tightness and breathability is like a balance between weight and price, no jacket is completely perfect, so buy a bike jacket that suits your circumstances and where you will use it most. Some of the bike jackets are just for windproof, some are just for rainproof without any breath. A bike jacket that is especially good for bad weather is a jacket that has a balance between being waterproof and breathable. Look for a bike jacket that has a high collar with a full zipper, has insulation at the chest, breathes in the back and has high mobility on the sleeves.

4. Windproof

The windproof bike jacket is a favorite of many people who like to ride a bike especially when they are sure it won’t be raining, because it is lightweight and packs easily. Most windproof bike jackets are designed to provide enough warmth for the wearer so that a little moisture won’t kill the wearer.

5. Waterproof / breathable

Or you could say waterproof versus breathable jacket, why is that? Because in fact the more air circulates, the less waterproof the jacket is, and vice versa. But also keep in mind that any material that is not breathable will eventually soak in the rain and snow and lose its warmth and durability, so think your best before buying a bike jacket. And of course the high-tech, breathable and durable waterproof material will definitely cost a lot more. Attached or welded seams can also add to the overall waterproofness of the bike jacket.

Keep in mind that bike jacket manufacturers focus on keeping you dry and protected from the wind and on the one hand it can dissipate your body heat too quickly causing a cold feeling in the chest. You can add warmth by using t-shirts and arm warmers.