Top 10 Best Backpacking Tents of 2020 – Reviews

Sleeping over has always been a great idea for boosting your camping experience. The secluded place will give you perfect time and space to refrain from the hectic world, and calm yourself. It will be a wonderful time to spend with your special one or family.

But before you are sleeping away from home, you will want to make sure that you and your members will have the roof to sleep beneath on that day.

Tent is what you need to attain such a great camping experience. When we talk about the tents for camping, the choices are plenty.finding the right one for you can be a daunting experience to overcome, especially if it is your first rodeo. So, here are the factors which you could consider to pinpoint the best tents for you and your group members.

The wall types

Do you need a single wall tent or a double wall tent? It could be one of the first questions to ask to define the most ideal tent for you. On most occasions, it is a great idea to choose the double wall built tents. The first wall is the tent body itself. Meanwhile, the second wall is the rain cover.

The double wall tent can provide the good level of comfort and features. In the hot days and nights, you could use the tent without the cover or fly. In the colder situation, you could put the rainfly to add more covers on your tent. As the result. The temperature will be warmer. Tent with double wall allows you to mix and match in different kind of situations.

But it does not mean that the single wall tent is a no go. Single wall tent is not necessarily thinner than a double wall tent. It is rather to combine the tent body layer with the waterproof fly layer into one fabric. So, you won’t be able to roll out the waterproof fly when you don’t need it. Single wall tents tend to be more lightweight than the double wall tents. Therefore, these are the more prevalent choices for the adventurers, mountaineers, and folks who travel a lot in different seasons. Plus, it is also a great choice for the doers with a smaller volume of packages. If you want to travel light, the single wall tents can be the better option for you.

The seasons of your journey

When will you be outdoors? Is it in the colder season? Or a hotter season? Or, in all seasons? When you are about to purchase the tents, the sellers usually ask you if you prefer three season tents or four-season tents.

Three season tents are arguably the better choice because these come with the double-wall construction. More mesh leads to a lighter tent. But some adventurers warn the fellows to be attentive to the durability of the tents. These lightweight tents might not be better in durability.

Meanwhile, the four-season tents are applicable all-year-round. However, many people use these for winter adventures. These tents are built to withstand the colder weather to freezing temperatures, heavy snow, high winds, heavy raining, and other kinds of extreme weather. These tents are much heavier than the three-season tents. But these come with more durable and sturdier fabric. If you want to use your tents all season for a long time in the future, you could also consider four-season tents in your wishlist.

Living space or tent size

As we know, living space is very important for your movement and comfort. Therefore, you will want to measure what you need and find the best measurement in the tent.

When browsing around, check the flooring of the tent. the taller you are, you will need a larger tent. If you are going with more people, you would also need to consider the size too. It won’t be so wrong if you choose an oversized tent although it is only you or the two of you. Who knows, there will be more in the future.


It is surely the determining factor of your purchase. The Backpacking tent prices should be matching with your available budget. The good news is that the backpacking tents won’t go over $1000 for the best quality in the market. The prices range from $150 to $1000. You could start checking from the lower end to the higher end. You will eventually find the most decent backpack tent for you.