10 Best Audit Management Software in 2021 – Reviews

best audit management software

What are the best audit management software in 2021? Operating a business requires attention to bunch of details and audit management software is an important aspect for any company, especially those that operate to tight regulations and standards.

Audit management software helps enterprises and small-business owners with countless strategic benefits such as supporting organization’s governance and risk management policies,
reducing the time and effort involved in preparing for and conducting audits, and
improving the quality and effectiveness of audit process.

With this in mind, let us find out what are the ten best audit management solutions money can buy.

Top 10 Audit Management Software in 2021 – Reviews

1. MetricStream Audit Management

MetricStream Audit Management is a modern and comprehensive audit management tool that offers an integrated framework to assess, document, control, audit and address risks and exposures within companies. It manages a broad range of audit-related activities such as internal audit, quality audits, operational audit, and IT audits. Top features of this product include risk calculations, heat maps, audit planning, compliance management, analysis, inspections, documentation, risk assessment and implementation of remediation plans. MetricStream helps users define processes and sub-processes for risk management to align business operations with compliance standards. Support is provided via phone, chat and email and pricing is available on request.

2. Intelex Audit Software

Intelex Audit Software is a cloud-based audit management software that helps customers report important business information, ensure compliance requirements, manage risks and improve operational performance. With Intelex, it has become easier to create real-time reports and present summarized detail information for a configurable dashboard display chart. Core features of this solution include audit planning, compliance management, waste management, permit management and operational risk management. Intelex is suitable for various industries such as retail, construction, education, finance health care and manufacturing industries. Pricing is available on a monthly subscription basis and support is provided via phone, email and online help desk.

3. MasterControl Audit Management

MasterControl Audit Management is a web-based automated audit management software. The tool comes from an innovative and integrated suite of enterprise quality and compliance management solutions. It supports regulatory agencies and quality managers facilitate all audit-related tasks and activities, making the audit process faster, easier, and more effective. It also reduces the time and effort associated with the planning and scheduling of audit resources through the aid of its drag-and-drop audit scheduling calendar. Key features of MasterControl include compliance management, internal controls management, analysis, inspections, issue management, risk assessment.

4. Gensuite

Gensuite is a top-rated audit management software that helps organizations in assuring compliance as well as minimizing the risk factors. It is simple and flexible EHS software, which allows companies to handle all the complex challenges in an easy manner. Gensuite is responsible for providing solutions such as responsible sourcing, compliance management, security, asset management, and product stewardship. Users can explore more than 60 applications that come with superb mobile integration, with extreme flexibility. Pricing is available on a monthly subscription basis and support is extended via phone, email and online help desk.

5. SmartSolve

SmartSolve is a cloud-based audit management software that helps companies with services and technology that enable improved quality and compliant medical device lifecycle management. It automates and simplifies the complex challenges of quality, regulatory, supplier and risk management by incorporating best-practice workflows, document and process management, electronic signatures, audit trails, dashboards and analytics. The solution allows users to efficiently handle audits, take control of quality and supplier management, and maintain compliance with regulatory requirements.

6. LogicManager

LogicManager is an easy-to-use audit management software that helps organizations implement and integrate all risk management processes in a customizable platform. The solution allows you to identify, assess and prioritize high-impact risks and allocate the right resources to resolve them. It is a great tool to standardize your audit process, collect actionable information, and delivering engaging presentations with highly configurable reports. Top features of LogicManager are risk maturity modeling, reports, dashboards, workflow management, assessment templates and incident web-forms. LogicManager is offered on an annual subscription and provides 24/7 technical support to customers.

7. Onspring

Onspring is a cloud-based process automation software that enables users to manage data, workflow, and reporting. The solution offers a user-friendly interface that aligns audit plans to help the management in handling workflow, manages work papers, review notes, and eliminates serious risks involved. Onspring is a dynamic tool that supports the auditor in delivering intelligent reports and manages role-based dashboards. It includes other useful applications including quality management, asset management, supplier management, workflow management, business intelligence, customer management, and more. Onspring is priced on a monthly subscription basis and support is extended via phone, email and online help desk.

8. IQS

IQS Audit management software is an advanced quality management and compliance software that automatically triggers corrective and preventive actions. The solution allows users to build audit templates, customize reports, charts, and interactive dashboards. IQS is perfect for a wide range of industries such as finance, automotive, aerospace and defense, oil and gas, insurance or any discrete manufacturer. Key features of this product include supplier quality, customer complaints, dashboards corrective actions, document control, PPAP, FMEA, audit management, equipment maintenance, SPC and more. IQS provides cloud-based or on-premise deployments with subscription licensing.

9. AuditBoard

AuditBoard is an easy-to-use online tool that helps organization to automate, manage, collaborate, and report on critical risk, audit, and compliance workflows in real time. Its integrated suite of audit and compliance solutions streamlines SOX, internal audits, controls management and workflow management. Key features of AuditBoard are Compliance Management, Issue Management, Dashboards, Exceptions Management, Internal Controls Management, Risk Assessment. It is suitable for companies all sizes in various industries and pricing is available per user per month.

10. TeamMate + Audit

TeamMate + Audit is a cloud-based audit management solution that syncs together data flow and work patterns to reduce the gap between audit managers and stakeholders. It implements a systematic audit process by eliminating errors and inconsistencies in data. Based in the USA, the software supports companies to identify and assess risk, create and manage audits, schedule projects and allocate resources, monitor and report on status with notifications and dashboards. TeamMate + Audit is suitable for internal auditor departments looking to drive visibility across lines of defense, consistency throughout workflow and efficiency for greater risk management.

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