10 Best Asset Tracking Software in 2021 – Reviews


Top 10 best asset tracking software in 2021. You can find a broad number of asset tracking software available and each software brags its own features. However, they all share common benefits businesses can appreciate.

Asset tracking software provides companies with several strategic benefits. The software can help you to know where a particular asset is at any time and its exact GPS location. It allows you to keep tabs on your customers’ assets all the time. In addition, it can help you perform audits to increase the visibility of your assets and reduce compliance risks.

Sometimes it can be difficult to determine which software is needed, however, among the multitude of asset tracking solutions currently available.

With that in mind, let us take a look at the ten best asset tracking software packages the market has to offer right now.

Top 10 Best Asset Tracking Software – Reviews

1. EZOfficeInventory

EZOfficeInventory is a great asset tracking and maintenance management solution developed for organizations of all sizes. The software enables companies to keep track of everything from anywhere on the planet. It offers complete logs of all assets, and flexible features include creating POs, depreciation tracking, disposal tracking, inventory management, activity tracking, and audit trails. Track items across locations and departments, scan barcodes right from your device, streamline item maintenance to increase functionality, maintain optimized stock levels at all times, and manage all your users and vendors with one solution. EZOfficeInventory provides a REST-based API that integrates with other REST-based systems. Customized reporting and dashboards help users track and monitor assets. The solution offers both monthly and annual subscriptions that include support via email, email and through an online knowledge base.

2. Freshservice

Freshservice is a web-based IT Help Desk and service management tool that allows companies to simplify their IT operations. It provides a simple user interface and is easy to use and configure for numerous business sectors such as accounting, operations, HR, isnurance, marketing, logistics, etc. Freshservice includes features like activity tracking, audit trails, ticketing system, self-service portal and knowledge-base. Software and hardware assets can be added, tagged, tracked and delinked, ensuring asset visibility and awareness. The program also has a mobile app for iOS and Android that enables IT administrators to service requests remotely. Freshservice offers integration with third-party applications like Zendesk, Jira, Dropbox, Gmail, and OneLogin.

3. UpKeep

UpKeep is a wonderful integrated computerized maintenance management (CMMS) and enterprise asset management (EAM) software that offers businesses functionalities to manage their assets and facilities. With UpKeep managers of businesses including facility, property, restaurant, and manufacturing can easily augment communication by sending real-time updates to the team. The solution assists in saving a lot of time and money with the tracking of assets over their lifetime. The mobile application allows users to create projects, assign work orders, manage assets and more. The program is available on a monthly subscription basis that includes support via phone, email and through an online knowledge base.

4. ServiceDesk Plus

ServiceDesk Plus is a cloud-based desk software and an integrated asset tracking software created and developed to meet the needs of IT support teams to deliver world-class service to end users while reducing costs and complexity of work. The solution provides core help desk and IT management applications, as well as project management, contract management and features for ITIL (information technology infrastructure library) compliance. ServiceDesk Plus includes an automatic ticket dispatch function, which distributes new tickets to technicians based on their existing caseload and availability. It is available as an on-premise installation or as a cloud-hosted service with ServiceDesk Plus On-Demand. Companies like Xerox, Vodafone, Sony, etc., trust ServiceDesk Plus for their everyday needs.

5. BOSS Solutions

BOSS Solutions is a fully integrated ITIL based Service Desk/Help Desk and IT Asset Management software that supports IT organizations implement ITIL solutions, network solutions, ongoing directory consolidation, and more. It provides cost-effective ITSM solutions helping IT organizations to automate all asset management requirements. The program includes top features such as automatic discovery, activity tracking, audit trails, inventory management, location tracking, QR codes, etc. BOSS Solutions incorporates an award winning user-friendly interface and a powerful Service Catalog. Located in the USA, the software is available for both On-Premise and SaaS environments and also is cloud-based for remote access.

6. MCS-rm rental software

MCS-rm rental software is an asset tracking solution that provides control over the rental assets and maximizes utilization and minimizes costs. MCS-rm rental software stores all the data in one place including the life history of the assets. It allows you to review the information at any point in time, and it helps in planning future investment on types of equipment and further increases revenue. With real-time data, MCS-rm rental software enables users and companies to be more efficient and take actions quickly. Based in the UK, the tool is used by over 500 customers worldwide and are built on the latest Microsoft.NET technology platform. Pricing is per user per month and there is a free trial.

7. Lighthouse.io

Lighthouse.io, powered by TEAM Software, is an asset and mobile workforce management solution, created for security, cleaning and field service industry. This software allows complete visibility of distributed teams and provides mobile forms, workflows and powerful reports that increase service delivery and drive operational efficiency. Key features include powerful dashboard, automated reports, activity tracking, audit trails, location tracking, QR codes. In addition, Lighthouse adds time- and money-saving capabilities that complement TEAM Software’s back-office solutions to help view, manage and automate operations in the field. It is offered on a monthly subscription basis that includes support via phone, email and through an online knowledge base.

8. Asset Infinity

Asset Infinity is one of the leading asset management software that manages assets by replacing old-fashioned recording on paper and spreadsheets. The solution fits all industry requirements and can be customized according to specific needs. Asset Infinity helps organization in various verticals worldwide to track and manage the assets spread of the company. Asset Infinity enables users keep assets records, costs, monitoring usage and maintenance. The solution enables companies to keep up-to-date information on their assets and therefore boost the efficiency of managing the assets. It is offered on a monthly subscription basis and there is a free trial.

9. Zerion Software

Zerion is an easy-to-use asset management platform that helps in transforming an organization’s way of capturing, using and managing the data they accumulate. It is suitable for inspection teams, field teams, teams with multiple locations and constant collaboration. Top features include data flow automation, custom reports, inventory management, location tracking, combined data collection, etc., making it one of the most trusted software in the asset management category. Zerion pricing starts at $500.00 per month, per user and there is free trial. Support is provided via phone, email and through an online knowledge base.

10. SpaceRunner

SpaceRunner is a cloud-based planning and managing solution that helps users find information about the whole or specific equipment on any floor plan. It visualizes equipment, assets and other data and is ideal for facilities managers, project managers, IT managers and other professionals. SpaceRunner stores the information such as serial numbers, model, and even pictures of the assets. It surpasses conventional space management SaaS products by empowering users with its live Excel integration, powerful applied calculations, and conditional formatting rules. By adding real-time sensor data feeds, users can fully realize a true digital twin of your facility. Support is offered via phone, email and through an online knowledge base.

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