10 Best App Performance Management Software in 2021 – Reviews

Best App Performance Management Software

What are the best app performance management software in 2021? Applications are becoming crucial IT services, as end users rely on them for their day-to-day tasks. This makes application performance management (APM) a key part of service performance management (SPM). Applying an app performance management software might be the greatest move your organization ever makes. With the right app performance management software, you’ll save significant amounts of time and money.

To give you some pointers on what a decent app performance management software should look like, we’ve listed ten best app performance management solutions you can buy right now.

Top 10 App Performance Management Software – Reviews

1. Dynatrace

Dynatrace is an all-in-one application performance software that offers software intelligence for simplified enterprise cloud complexity. The platform is fully automated, AI-powered and complete stack solution. Amongst top Fortune 100 companies, 72 companies trust Dynatrace to be their solution and consider it as the best APN software. Top features of Dynatrace include Diagnostic Tools, Full Transaction Diagnostics, Performance Control, Resource Management, Root-Cause Diagnosis, Server Performance, Trace individual transactions. Support is provided via phone, chat and email and pricing is available on request.

2. New Relic

New Relic is a cloud-based application performance management software that allows companies analyze and visualize software development environment. The solution simplifies the work and risk associated with digital transformation. New Relic offers support for applications written in .NET, Node.js, Python, PHP, Java, and related frameworks with accelerated cloud adoption, making DevOps work, etc. It is an all-in-one performance management solution. Top features include Baseline Manager, Resource Management, Root-Cause Diagnosis, Server Performance, Diagnostic Tools, Full Transaction Diagnostics, Performance Control. New Relic is perfect for website monitoring solution that allows small to large businesses to gain insights into application performance, customer experience, business success, and more.

3. ManageEngine

ManageEngine is an user-friendly management platform that gives organizations great capabilities. The solution enables companies to track and manage the mission-critical applications and data centers effectively, from the URL to the line of code and more. ManageEngine provides network performance monitoring, configuration management, physical and virtual server monitoring, traffic analysis and IP address management. In addition, the tool offers business view, email/sms based alerts, workflow automation, customized reports and combined snapshot view. ManageEngine pricing starts at $245.00 as a one-time payment and there is a free trial.

4. Xandria

Xandria is a great SAP landscape management & monitoring tool. It helps companies to manage, automate and provide higher availability levels using predictive analysis. The platform supports all environments of enterprise-grade SAP Solutions and large scale database. Key features of Xandria include performance-rich toolbox that allows making the required custom checks for SAP environments and streamlining the workflows for day-to-day SAP operating businesses to eliminate the workload in operations. Based in Switzerland, Xandria offers complete configuration changes and security changes simplifying audits. Support is extended through phone, chat and email and pricing is available on request.

5. Motadata

Motadata is a cloud-based APM software that develops business insights with real-time processing and correlation. The solution enables you to monitor data from network devices, virtual machines, server instances, applications, web servers and log analytics in a single platform. Motadata helps in spotting the root cause of IT issues quickly and with efficiency. Network metrics are analyzed and displayed in context with application loads, latency, system log patterns and server usage trends. The platform provides integration with third-party apps like Jira, Amazon web services, MySQL, and Vmware. Pricing is based on a monthly subscription basis and support is extended via email and over the phone.

6. MobiProbe

MobiProbe is an all-in-one application performance software that enables technology-driven businesses of the knowledge economy to monitor real-time performances of the technology platforms. MobiProbe works as a diagnostic tool which efficiently measures last node system engagement for Android and iOS mobile applications. With a focus on performance benchmarks, the solution provides a developer-centric approach in diagnosing applications making it simpler and highly efficient. Top features of this product include Baseline Manager, Diagnostic Tools, Full Transaction Diagnostics, Trace Individual Transactions, Performance Control, Resource Management, and Root-Cause Diagnosis. Pricing is based on a monthly subscription basis and has a free trial.

7. Atatus

Atatus is an innovative real-time performance monitoring software that uses Real User Monitoring to improve front-end performance issues. Atatus is a SaaS-delivered full-stack application with bug tracking solution. With this application you can get to know as soon as an issue occurs, who, when and what caused the performance bottleneck. Atatus allows users to monitor the health of the apps and get alerts when issues arise. You can resolve performance or availability issues before your customers are impacted. Pricing is available on a monthly subscription basis and support is extended via email and over the phone.

8. CloudMonix

CloudMonix is a dynamic automation solution with cloud monitoring for Microsoft Azure Cloud that allows administrators to have real-time insights into the cloud resources. It notifies alerts, warnings and exceptions and also configures automated recovery and repair actions through the applications. Core features of CloudMonix include self-healing actions, live dashboards, resource management, root-cause diagnosis, customizable alerts, instant notifications and performance metrics. CloudMonix pricing starts at $75.00 per month and there is a free trial. Support is provided via email and over the phone.

9. Revulytics

Revulytics Usage Intelligence is a cloud-based performance measurement software that helps organizations track software use. With this platform software developer and product manager can get the desired analytic solution. Revulytics captures and reports application adoption, customer engagement and attrition at different stages to measure and monitor performance ROIs. Revulytics is one of the leading application performance software with actionable intelligence to generate revenue by converting unlicensed users into paying customer. It provides integration with multiple third-party applications.

10. Uila

About Uila is an app-centric infrastructure monitoring & analytics tool for IT operations and cloud-based IT teams. It assists in giving full visibility into the applications and shows the root cause of issues. With Uila, IT Operations and Cloud IT teams can visualize application workload dependencies across cloud platforms, right size resources and investments for their workloads and plan workload migration strategies for Hybrid and Multi-Cloud deployments. Located in United States, Uila is priced on a monthly subscription basis and support is extended via email and over the phone.

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