Bartender game and Hired guns

Hired gun bartender game as I do it now. Inspired by Edges dancing impression of me. Here the audio where I talk about it 8.8.2008 and my relentless pursuit of the hottest girls in the city.

Three keys:

Dress the part

Act the part

Talk the part

The important pretext to gaming the Bartender although not required will boost everything as Edge already has pointed out to me numerous times I dress like a Rock star. There is something about my style that sucks these bartenders in as well as super hot girls. I have a delusional belief that there are a few of them that are in love with me all based on the evidence they give me so its not really delusional. Plain and simple dress the part for the girl you are going after. I will write a detailed fashion article at some point soon.

Act the part I think a key is that they can’t figure me out. I am an anomaly. I tip for water and rarely drink but when I do, now they give me drinks that are ten times stronger then a normal drink. I have girls flirt with me in front of them. In a very absurd way. Where the girls are physicaly being loud. Kinda of big motions and stuff well I am rolling off and the girls are chasing. The bartenders see everything they are sober. I am getting in good with the staff and the bouncers as well as the bartenders friends if possible. Projecting an image of importance and fame.

Talk the part. I don’t take any shit form them. I put them on point systems. I will tease them insanely. I’ll tell them what to do as far as how to speak. I put them in roles of being faithful to them and then cheating on them with other bartenders and use other bartenders names demonstrating that I know other bartenders. All in a super fun way. Edge put it best on the audio. Basically I just go; I am so fun but your stuck over there working =P I am just ever so much fun your have no idea but haha your working you can’t come out and play. I am just so so so much fun but your stuck back there you wish you could come out and play with me. That’s it as it is more to come.