Avoiding Baldness And Keeping Your Hair

It is unfair, but if it were up to the genes, I should already be bald. Sucks to say it, but it’s the sad truth. One faraway old guy in my family had alopecia and somehow that sneaky gene went all the way done to me.

I love my hair, use it longer than most men and I’m not willing to let it go. Fifty years back, though, I would have been quite doomed. Back then, no matter how much people wanted, there was nothing to do about it. If it was supposed to fall, it fell. Sucked, but now, thankfully, scientists made an amazing job. In these days, if you are serious about it, there are treatments that really prevent (or at least considerably slow) hair loss, as well as surgeries that even get your hair back.

What, then, can a balding man do? First and foremost, be fast to realize that you are losing hair. It’s the first step, assume it. As I didn’t have many balding antecedents, it took me a little longer than I wished I had to. After all, all men and women lose hair… it’s just the balding man loses considerably more (and doesn’t get it back.) So, when you see that your hair is falling, go ahead and visit a doctor. Don’t ask the guy who cuts your hair or a friend what they think – be serious and visit a dermatologist.

Then, the dermatologist will give you a treatment (easy going, nothing strange.) Follow the treatment and you’ll see some results. What do I do take, for example?


Object of many stupid myths, this pill is the only thing in the world (it seems) that certainly slows or even halts hair loss. All the other treatments are complimentary and practically useless if you don’t take this pill. So you’ll have to take it if you want to keep your hairs.  Finasteride, albeit in much higher doses, was invented as a drug for prostate cancer, and, as such, is the subject of many myths, most around manhood. All non sense.


They may hurt a bit and most people just hate them. But, to be honest, I rather be pricked in the head once a while rather than getting bald. Dermatologists give you a few of these that help out the hair to stay strong and, in the end, stay in its place. Injections, though, as well as the lotion I speak about below only work fully (or at all) if you take Finasteride.

Massage with Minoxidril

Another strange name here. This is a sticky and transparent lotion you got to apply in the area where your hair is falling from. It is surely the least important of the three but also helps out. Usually, what the doctor will recommend you is to put the lotion in your head before going to sleep, massage the area a couple of minutes and let it stay there until you shower the next morning. This helps out and it’s a good compliment to the other two.

Note: it may look like as if were trying to promote that pill. Well, honestly, I hate to take medicines. I try even not to take aspirins unless I feel really bad. But that thing is making my hair stay in its place and it may help you too.

After the Treatment

You can also have, if your hair loss is already considerable enough, a hair transplantation. The premise is simple: surgeons take hair from the back of your head (those that never fall) and place them where you had lost. It just works marvels. I’ll do this the moment I need to – And it I recommend it to all those of you who are in a position to give it a try. It is fast, it is not expensive and is a method that hardly hurts. And, as it’s your hair, the rejection chances are slim. I know people who had this transplantation and, to be honest, they are looking great.

The Future

If this was not enough, there are more reasons for all the bald men in the world to keep hoping for. Scientists, to the great envy of those men who lives before our time, have been trying to clone hair and to “turn back on” those genes that made you have hair in the bald places in the first place. I love it! Treatments won’t come that soon, but they will be mainstream maybe only a few years from now. Can’t wait!

So, one last thing! Remember that if you are balding there are ways to help your hair out – and, if you are bald, there are ways to get it back. Just go ahead and visit the dermatologist. No visit to the doctor and no results, it’s as simple as that. After all, doctors are meant to treat problems and baldness, in my opinion, is a problem. Don’t lose any more time!