Approaching Girls On The Beach

It’s summer on this side of the planet and it’s time to go to the beach. I’m spending my time these days in the spectacular city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. And you just can’t imagine how many hot girls are on the beach here, it’s something out of this world. Summing to that, most are wearing only these micro-bikinis, small thongs and more… Any man would be quite impressed here. It’s lovely.

Approaching Girls On The Beach

Because of this it would be a waste not to do something. And with this relaxed atmosphere it’s possible to approach – it’s not hard and the results can be quite surprising. You can at least get the number or email of a beautiful girl and take her out.

I’ll explain you how to. Make sure to take these points into consideration next time you are on the beach!

It’s not That Different From a Club

Most tips for clubs and bars or other flirting spots still apply. First, look your best. On the beach a nice and well-worked body will definitely give you the upper hand. Make sure to do at least one or two months of heavy gym-routine before you go to the beach to maximize your chances. It’s not absolutely necessary, but it will help you out.

Second, keep a confident look, charisma and a big smile. I have insisted for ages – girls, regardless or the place you are, will stick to guys who look full of joy and happiness. A bit of mysterious look also helps out.

Last, mind the eye contact. A short, deep and confident glance can open up in clubs, bars and most places – and the beach is not the exception. Just make sure that your glance focuses on the girl’s faces too and not just on their well-worked bottoms and fronts.

The Setting

There are two places to approach here: one is the beach proper and the other one is the sea. I’ll give you different sets of strategies and approaches for both. Either is cool, I just suggest you to approach where you feel you could be more confident with yourself and, also, where the nicest girls are. Got to go for the best, right?

The Beach (proper)

The beach is a lovely place – it’s relaxed, full of good vibe and nice girls wearing almost nothing. I’m loving my afternoons here. I write and study Portuguese while I’m sitting on a chair just 3 or 4 meters away from the sea. It’s paradise!

But, once I’m finished with the academic and working half of the day (or, otherwise, when I see one out-of-this-universe girl,) I’m just pushed to act.

One thing you should know about the beach especially is that it’s a relatively static setting. Girls that are tanning or talking at one point in the beach will still be there for a while. It’s by no means a migrating atmosphere as a bar or a club could be. Use that in your advantage: either by making eye contact and calibrating for an approach a bit later. My favorite thing to do is to say “Hello” and a smile as soon as I walk past by them while going to the sea or to my place. It further relaxes the relaxed atmosphere. It’s cool.

With that said, then come the actual approaches. A few I’ve tried with success are:

1) Approaching with pick-up lines: PULs make things easier on the beach – and if you say something fun that makes them smile, you’ll be on the right track. I’ve used cheesy, romantic and even self-made PULs in Portuguese since I got here. Use them as an ice-breaker and then move on.

2) The Poem pick-up: it’s cheesy, over-used but still cute. So I actually used it again and approached a beautiful girl with a poem in my horrible-but-cute Portuguese. Made her laugh, smile and used it also as an ice-breaker.

3) Inviting them over: better to do if I’m with friends and approaching a group. I just tell them we are having a few drinks, playing cards or whatever with one or two friends just a few meters away and that I would love them to join. When they do we just move on for a nice chat.

4) Whatever else comes into my mind: I have, among other things: asked girls to help me out with Portuguese, if I could read their palms, if they wanted to join me to play beach-tennis or some other sport and more. Just be creative and stay out of creepiness with a big smile and overwhelming confidence.

The Sea

The sea is amazing. I love swimming on crystalline water and playing on the waves. It gives me good vibe, it’s a lot of fun and it’s a fantastic place to approach girls.

It’s a bit different from the beach as it’s a movable setting. You don’t need to stay on the same place and it’s even more accepted to be closer to where the girls are. Maybe the wave takes you there or they just come to you. And then, once you are close enough, is when you finally speak up.

Unlike on the beach, where I developed more technical and creative approaches, on the sea things are much simpler. I just walk (or swim) to the girl or group of girls and tell them that’s a lovely day or speak up whatever pops into my mind. Nothing else – usually it works to start a conversation.

Just keep out of the boring stuff fast and move on to something more interesting than the weather or what we are doing in the city. That way is easier to strike a connection and continue the conversation outside the sea.

Remember to keep the good vibe, smile and high-confidence. Then things will work out!