Affili Weapon Review – Can You Really Earn $500/Day?


I came across Affili Weapon through an email from a top affiliate on Warrior Plus. These guys have a massive email list and generate a lot of revenue by marketing products that promise to help you make hundreds of dollars per day. According to them, Affili Weapon is a complete money-making system that automatically sends free traffic to your affiliate offers. Plus, you’ll get access to done-for-you marketing funnels that generate commissions.

However, we all know that getting free, converting traffic is not easy in internet marketing. So, is Affili Weapon a scam or a legit product? Before you invest your time and money, read my in-depth review below.

What is Affili Weapon?

Affili Weapon is a cloud-based app that provides done-for-you marketing funnels to promote five affiliate offers and build your email list. It claims to send free traffic to your offers on autopilot. As an affiliate myself, I understand that getting high-quality, free traffic is a huge challenge. While Affili Weapon promises to skip the hard work, I’m not convinced.

It’s worth noting that Affili Weapon was created by Jason Fulton and Seun Ogundele and is being heavily promoted by top affiliates like Brandon Mace, Jono Armstrong, and several YouTubers. Keep in mind that these marketers earn a decent commission every time someone purchases Affili Weapon through their links.

How Does Affili Weapon Work?

Affili Weapon is a cloud-based application designed to help you build your email list and promote five affiliate offers. The process is simple, with pre-sell pages and freebies that enable you to collect leads before sending visitors to your affiliate offers. By using Affili Weapon, you will get access to five funnels specifically designed for these offers. The best part is that they are pre-approved, so you don’t need the vendor’s permission to get your affiliate link.

Each of the offers you’ll be promoting through Affili Weapon is focused on the “make money online” niche, promising that users can make a lot of money with little effort. While it’s tempting to promote such products, it can lead to a lot of frustration for users who don’t see results.

The challenge with promoting affiliate offers is getting traffic to your pages. Affili Weapon claims to solve this problem by providing an automated system that will send free traffic to your offers. However, the traffic is not generated by Affili Weapon itself, but by a third-party website called TrafficEzy.

Getting Traffic

TrafficEzy is a traffic exchange platform that works on the principle of exchanging website visits. You’ll need to visit other pages to get traffic to your own pages. While you can use automated software to do this for you, the visitors you receive are likely also using the same automated system. This automated traffic is useless and won’t help you make any sales.

The funnels provided by Affili Weapon are designed to help you collect leads before sending visitors to the affiliate offers. The freebies provided with the funnels can be used as bonuses to increase the conversion rate. When someone buys the product and its upsells, you’ll earn a commission, usually 50% of the sales price.

If you’re familiar with internet marketing, you know that getting quality traffic that converts takes a lot of time and effort. While Affili Weapon claims to automate this process, it’s important to keep in mind that there are no shortcuts to success.

Is It Legit?

It’s essential to do your research before investing time and money in any product. Affili Weapon may be appealing, but it’s important to weigh the potential benefits against the effort required. Ultimately, the decision to use Affili Weapon is yours to make.

Pros and Cons of Affili Weapon


  • The software comes with pre-made funnels and freebies that can help you build an email list and promote affiliate offers.
  • The funnels are pre-approved, which means you don’t have to ask the vendor for permission to use them.
  • The software claims to send free traffic to your offers on autopilot.
  • The product is backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can get a refund if you’re not satisfied.
  • The software is cloud-based, which means you don’t need to download anything.


  • The traffic generated by the software is through a traffic exchange, which may not result in high-quality traffic that converts into sales.
  • The software is focused on the “make money online” niche, which may not be appealing to everyone.
  • The software may not work for everyone, and there is no guarantee that you will make money using it.
  • The software may require additional investment in upsells and paid traffic to get significant results.
  • The pre-made funnels and freebies may not be unique, which could lead to saturation in the market and less success for affiliates using them.


While Affili Weapon offers a potentially easy way to make money through affiliate marketing, there are significant drawbacks to consider before investing in the product. The promised free traffic is unlikely to generate meaningful results, and the focus on promoting products promising quick and easy riches may be off-putting to some. Additionally, the lack of transparency around the product’s developers and their motives raises questions about its overall legitimacy.

Ultimately, individuals interested in affiliate marketing should carefully consider their options and approach it with a long-term mindset focused on building relationships and trust with their audience. While shortcuts may seem tempting, they rarely offer sustainable results in the long run.