Accessories Get You Girls

Accessorizing even with the smallest ring can really take you to the next level. It’s a simple and easy way to make a big difference in your game.

Accessories Get You Girls

Why Does Sophistication Work?

You might all know Mystery already. He’s the one credited with making a science out of seduction. He’s that cool of a guy. Yet, if you would meet him at a club or bar you would think: “This guy? Number One? Come on.”

And that’s because he’s always wearing a big hat with goggles. Why on Earth would wear THAT? Apparently there was a reason: Mystery later explained that by wearing different types of attention-getting clothes you could have more success with women. He justified with two concepts:

Social Value

When you are accessorized you’ll draw much more attention. People will look at you more often and many will make different comments about you. What this means is that there will be a bigger social pressure on you.

By showing you withstand this social pressure and are unaffected by it, you’ll show off value. This alone will make you already more attractive in the eyes of girls. It’s something rooted deeply in the psychology behind all this.

Girls will speak about you before you even approach. And they’ll know that many others will be speaking about you too. You won’t be the center of the club’s attention but you’ll still get many more eyes on you that you would normally do. You’ll then go and capitalize on that.


By being more sophisticated and accessorized you’ll open new ways for girls to flirt with you. You’ll give them the chance to compliment, comment and even ask you questions without being that personal (and, thus, less flirty.)

Let’s imagine you start chatting with a girl and after a few minutes the conversation is winding down. On this type of case an accessory can come in handy. If the girl likes you she might well say ‘Oh, that’s a cool ring/necklace/whatever.’ The conversation then continues and, if you were cool enough you might have even invented a whole story around each one of those.

My Personal Example

I’m not that much into accessories but I still carry a few things with me every time. These are: a silver cross chain, a ring, an ankle-band and, sometimes, a cool watch and a few wristbands.

Not much, you can see. But each one of them still draws attention, questions and acts a catch for my best anecdotes and stories. They really sum.

But that’s not all – my trick is in the way I dress. I always wear more stylish and sophisticated stuff than most others. The trick is to keep classy but with a stylish and sophisticated twist. Not the shiny pants nor those crazy kind of shoes – no. I instead try vests, leather and classy shoes, just to name a few.

All this makes me stand out almost everywhere I go. Going out to a club with a vest makes me get a lot of attention, strange looks and so on – but I cope with it well. Girls know about this social pressure and that sparks attraction.

As a bonus, sophisticated-classy girls will be more attracted to me as I’m one of the few who dresses up the way they like best. This is awesome for me and I created lines, stories and more things to say when I’m dealing with this specific type of girls too. Other types of girls might look at me like an oddity – But I don’t really care. I get the ones I want.

Don’t Be The Creep

These two alone have the power to take you far. You just need to get used to wearing these accessories and remember: the best way to cope with social pressure it’s for you to become the party.

If you are all accessorized but speaking with girls or rocking the dance floor, you’ll be cool. If you, instead, stay alone in the far corner of the club or bar you’ll immediately be labeled as a creep.

Now define your own approach. Think where is the opportunity for you to stand out best and work on it. Give it a try and see the results – I can assure you it’s worth it.