A Place Of Inspiration

Do you have your very own Inspiration Palace? Do you have one place in the world where you enter down and depressed and leave with a big smile and full of hope? If you don’t, it has to be your priority to find one fast. You must have a place where you and you alone are recharged of energy, where your dreams come closer and your will to make them real starts burning.

Mine is church. I like churches, especially big, quiet ones. I always have one to go to, no matter where I am in the world. Be it in Buenos Aires, Vienna, Rio or even in some random city in my travels, I always find one place, one palace of inspiration. I stay, always alone, a couple of minutes or sometimes hours… I take all the time I need to and feel necessary to feel great again. And, amen, it always works! I’m so grateful to have a place like this.

It’s just great to be there unmolested and connecting with my deeper self. I examine the situation, the world and life overall – And then I think deep which are the paths I should take. Be it issues about job, study or love, it’s just perfect that there’s one place where you can go and really tackle seriously all these things.

I’m quite religious, so Church is a special place for me as I feel I’m more in contact with God. I feel power flowing and, despite I’m alone in that moment, I still feel that He is there giving me a hand. That makes me love the place – But you don’t have to be religious nor go to Church to have your own Inspiration Palace.

You must find one place in the world where you can have the same feeling, where you can achieve that deep talk with yourself too. Most probably it’s not going to be home, so go out and search for a place like this. It could be a building, a park or even some place in the countryside. It has to be the place where you are the most comfortable at.

Finding a Palace of Inspiration is just for the better. Go ahead and search for one! Anything can be one, just let your imagination fly and look for the place where you are sure to get the best of you out.