A Must-Know Tip on Dating Places

There are two types of dates: the standard ones and the special ones. Standard ones include cafes, dinners, bars or other things you would be expected to do on a date. Special ones, on the other hand, include going to see an exotic football match or sneaking into a five-star hotel. A date at 5.00am can be quite special too.A Must-Know Tip on Dating Places

But as cool as special dates are, sometimes you do could (or have to) go out for a standard date. It’s fine – Perhaps not as exciting and fun, but still fine. If that’s the case, let me give you one small tip that can make this type of dates get radically better results:

During a day or night out, change venues at least one time. If possible, do it twice or more.

The idea behind this is to create a time distortion effect. The more places you hang out with someone, the longer it will feel you have known them. This will build a bridge for a closer and more intimate interaction.

Say, for example, that you spent two hours at a bar with one girl. Those two hours will still look like two hours. It doesn’t matter how good you are doing and how much fun you are having – They will still be just two hours.

But if after the first hour you for an ice cream and after that to another bar, the date will inevitably feel much longer. And you want this to happen: it will make the girl more open, more confident and your bond stronger. You have nothing to lose and all to gain.

Just make sure not to overdo it. There’s no point of constant bar hopping or venue changes if you are having an excellent time at one place. Calibrate accordingly – Before planning any move out, see if it’s the right moment and if she’s definitely on for it. Use common sense.

An Example of This Working

You can see this working in Before Sunrise, one of my favorite movies. The two protagonists, Jesse and Celine, spend the whole movie – around twelve hours of real time or so – walking through different parts of Vienna and going for coffee or drinks at more than five different places.

When their only night together ends, they feel that they have known each other forever. And that feeling is not a movie-feeling, it’s true. It just works – They both have these snapshots in their memory of all the places and things they did together on that one night. It makes the night really feel like an eternity.

Do the same. You probably won’t have twelve hours to walk around a new city – But you can still make it work out. Change at least one time, visit different places and live different experiences on the same date. It’s a sure shot.