A Guide To First Date Ideas

Well the stage is set you have finally decided to go on that perfect date with your special someone and you are all excited about it. However, have you decided the venue for this special meeting? This is a question, which we often are stuck at. The irony of the situation is that when he/ she asks “so where do we meet up?” we would end up feeling tongue-tied even though there are numerous first date ideas like parks, beaches, cafes, restaurants, theatres and so on yet no particularly interesting place to choose as a cozy and warm venue to catch up with him/her. Venue of the date is as important as the way you dress or speak during the date.

So the point here is that there are many first date ideas but it is you who has to decide which would be the perfect first date venue to make you feel warm and comfortable. To help you in this sticky situation listed below are some exciting first date ideas, which you can take into consideration while searching for good venues for the first date with your sweetheart.

Primarily decide when you are meeting up with your partner. Is it going to be for lunch in between work or dinner after work or on a common holiday? Once you have the answer to this question of course with both of you consenting then you could start scouting around for good first date ideas. If you are looking to meet up in between work for lunch maybe you could choose a restaurant or café  somewhere in the vicinity of the workplace so that you can rush back to work after the meeting easily. However, do not choose a restaurant very close to the office where most of your or your partner’s colleagues would be lunching. This way you would spend the entire date speaking to your colleagues and answering their nosy queries.

Dinner would be among the better first date ideas than lunch as you would not be preoccupied with the fact that you would have to rush back to work after an hour. A cozy dinner meeting would give you ample time to get to know each other better over a relaxed dinner. The choice of restaurant again must be made with care. Here the factors to be considered would be that the place should not be overcrowded where you would have to vacate the table in a stipulated time to make way for other waiting guests. There are numerous restaurants, which provide the perfect ambience for a first date by playing soothing background music and have the option of candle lit dinners. While opting for dinner as first date ideas choose the best restaurant, which would be calm yet provide a cozy atmosphere for the date.

Well lunch and dinner are usual first date ideas but in case you are looking at something out of the box first date ideas a zoo would be a superb venue for a first date. Zoo as first date ideas would be great of course on a normal off-season day when you know that the zoo will not be so crowded. A perfect place with ample space to walk around and those little sitting areas would provide the cozy corners to sit and spend a lot of time-sharing each other’s feelings and emotions. Another advantage of using the zoo as a venue for the first date would be that you would have a lot of general topics open available for conversation in case you are tongue-tied and do not know how to start a conversation. You could might as well start talking about the animals in general or their plight behind the cage bars.

If you thought zoo was among the super first date ideas then you would find choosing from the many art galleries, as venues would be an even better idea. Art as a backdrop would provide the perfect romantic ambience required for a first date. Towered by contemporary and traditional artwork the thoughts and sparks between the two of you would be fantastic. With a lot of space to walk around freely you would get a lot of time to get to know each other. If you feel something about the date is going wrong you could just fall back onto the art gallery restroom and compose yourself before starting the conversation afresh!

Another great venue as first date ideas would be some sporting venue. It would turn out remarkable when both of you are sports enthusiasts. Sharing a common interest and doing something you, love on your first date would be heavenly. You could maybe go ice skating, skiing or bowling and enjoy a fun filled time in each other’s company. When you go on a sporting adventure the best part about it would be that, you get to share many common thoughts and end it over a cup of steaming coffee after the game. The thought itself sounds so amazing just imagines when you are present in person at the venue.

If you were the nervous kind looking for some real respite from the tense situation comedy theatre plays or a circus would be a fantastic choice while looking for first date ideas. You would have a ball of a time laughing and enjoying the event. That would certainly give cool your nerves a bit and you would have a lot to discuss about once the show has ended. In this case you are sure not to be left fidgety not knowing how to start a casual conversation.

Well folks whichever the venue you choose from among the best first date ideas utilize it to the maximum extent and of course dress appropriately. All you need is a good place to hang out with him/her and share your feelings with each other. In case, you are not ready to experiment not to worry at all. There are some traditional first date ideas, which are sure not to turn out to be a disaster. Just go to a good restaurant or cafe, chill out over wine, and dine else go for a long walk in a nearby park or beach and end it with some warm coffee. Another safe bet would be to just hang out in either of your homes and spend quality time with each other.

I hope my guide to your first date ideas would have helped you take a decision on the location of the date. All that matters is the planning about the venue no matter where you choose to go!