First date tips to impress your date

So finally your first date has been finalized and you are all excited about meeting your special someone after those long chats online. I am sure you would also be equally nervous about the entire proceedings. The nervousness at times can take control of your emotions and could matter of fatally ruin your entire first dating experience! … Read more

Understanding your Dating Partner

I can bet some time or another you have met a person who seems nice, looks like a stable well put together person, you went out on a date and all went well, they where friendly and happy, you had a great time and later down the track found out they have massive problems with … Read more

What types of women do men avoid

Girls you got to understand that guys tend to avoid certain types of women. Its just a  fact of nature! How you act, what you say and your lifestyle can be what makes and breaks the relationships/dating your looking to have. We are going to go over the main reasons Men avoid women and hopefully … Read more

Enjoy safe and fun filled online relationships

Dating traditionally used to mean meeting somebody you like at some common place like restaurant or park where feelings and emotions used to shared and the relationship would be taken forward if both the man and lady seemed to share the same magic. However, with the advent of technology in all fields dating too has … Read more

Create The Most Fantastic Online Dating Profile

When you embark on journey of online dating the most important aspect of the journey would be your online dating profile. As far as online dating is considered you appear to the other online daters as you nosed yourself in your online dating profile as you do not get to meet in person. Your online … Read more

A Guide To First Date Ideas

Well the stage is set you have finally decided to go on that perfect date with your special someone and you are all excited about it. However, have you decided the venue for this special meeting? This is a question, which we often are stuck at. The irony of the situation is that when he/ … Read more

How to ask a girl out

Therefore, you have finally met your dream girl and are planning to ask her out on a date with you. Well yeah so, what is the big deal about it? You just go and directly ask her out? I really do not know if your judgment is correct, as sometimes the girl could be very … Read more

Tips To Help Getting Ready For A Date

It has finally happened. Your crush has accepted your offer and has consented to come with you on that romantic date! The day has arrived and you are extremely nervous about the whole situation. I am sure all of us have come across this situation and have had weak knees. Who would not want the … Read more

Best Travel Tips

There’s a difference between good and excellent travel. Both are amazing, interesting, fun and will change your life. But excellent is just better. For the novice and for the expert, below are a few quick tips that will help you make the leap. I would have loved to know all these once I started traveling! … Read more

Losing Weight Is Not Hard

There are no secrets when it comes to losing weight. It is dead simple, there’s only one thing you have to do: be disciplined. Obviously, being disciplined could be and is hard for many people. But if you are fat, there are already many motivations for you to get serious and do what you have to do. … Read more

Avoiding Baldness And Keeping Your Hair

It is unfair, but if it were up to the genes, I should already be bald. Sucks to say it, but it’s the sad truth. One faraway old guy in my family had alopecia and somehow that sneaky gene went all the way done to me. I love my hair, use it longer than most men and I’m … Read more

The Most Important Thing in The World

The most important question you can ask yourself is: what do I really want from life? It makes sense. Men and women must find what is that they really want. Life is a long ride but it is also short when you have many goals to achieve. It may be a tough question, so I’ll go ahead and answer … Read more