5 Types Of Men Girls Avoid

Girls are not as hard to read as most men think. No one can tell what they really want (not even they know), but we can guess what they don’t want.  There a few types of men that girls despise. These are:

5 Types Of Men Girls Avoid

1- The Average Loser.

You know what I mean here. The guy with no personality, no experience, bad looking, badly dressed, soft-voiced and probably Internet addicted. A guy like this will never get with women.

Mind – you don’t have to be a bad boy, a rock star or a world-traveler to have success with girls. But you still need to try your best. A bit of effort can make anyone stand out from the average loser and raise his chances.

2- Stingy.

Some guys are terrible. You don’t need to pay all the bills or invite all the drinks – but you shouldn’t fight for every penny either. If you work out her share of the bill for everything you do – from dinner to cinema, she’ll get crazy.

And it’s not about the money – it’s the attitude. You can’t be that asshole. For fighting and putting attention to the small pennies you just lose on the big picture. Not the way to go. Be splendid – if she’s a good girl, she’ll pay you back.

3- Too Busy For Her.

You need to pay attention to your girl. It will drive them crazy if you don’t answer messages, emails or if it’s impossible to pick you up by the phone. She’ll believe immediately you are not interested in her or that you are seeing someone else.

I’m busy and I imagine you are too – but pay attention to girls. If you want a girlfriend or a romance, find the time for this calls, chats and emails. Sometimes it pisses off, but girls need these. If you are not willing to understand that, bye-bye chica.

4- Anti-Feminist

I got slapped because I told a girl she “shouldn’t play football (soccer), because it’s a sport of men.” Even if I meant it, I said that as a joke – and she got really mad. Same when I told another girl, when speaking about Russian millionaires, that she should “marry one of those. Life will be good!” I said it, again, as a joke – but she wanted to kill me.

Stupid, I know, especially if you come from a country like mine, where girls are girls and boys are boys. But well – You see, I was doing quite well with these two girls until, to my great grief, I pushed the wrong button. Make sure you don’t make the same mistake.

5- Obsessive.

This is one is one of the worst. And it’s because men can be obsessive about almost everything. Phone calls, work, sex, looks, parties, possessive… All of these are, in the eyes of women, a definite no. By all means, try to be normal. Girls spread the buzz, and if they know there’s some obsession you have, you’ll be doomed.

Some guys want to have sex ten times per day. Others spend one hour in front of the mirror. Others are obsessed with knowing what is the girl doing or where she is. Boo – This drives girls mad. Please control yourselves!