5 Romantic Travel Ideas

Romantic trips are cool – definitely one of the best presents for your girlfriend and for yourself. A few days –or weeks- of serious life and having fun is an experience that can potentiate any relationship. If you have one woman you really love, definitely take her out of town and to one of these five places.

5 Romantic Travel Ideas

There are endless possibilities, but these five are just one step farther. Most people who write all those “Romantic Holidays” stuff around probably were surely never to a third of all the places I was. This list is made out of wisdom, guys. So read on.

The five most romantic places in the world definitely are:

1- Italy.

There’s no better place in the world to travel than Italy. Despite its small size, Italy has everything. It has snowy mountains, epic cathedrals, paradisiacal beaches and even a city in the water. Couple that with friendly people and superb food and you are upon the best the world has to offer. All you heard about Italy is true is true – It’s that spectacular. Definitely the #1 place to go.

Venice itself, with its medieval architecture, gondolas and canals is already the most romantic place on Earth. Add Florence, Pisa, Rome, Capri and dozens of others cities and you make matters even more magnificent. There’s enough in Italy to please even the most demanding guys and girls.

Take a 10-days or 2-weeks trip around Italy and you’ll have the time of your life. It’s not cheap but it’s worth every penny.

2- Greece.

Greece is perfect. It hosts excellent beaches, friendly people and spectacular food. It’s the closest thing to paradise. I love Greece and so will you and your couple. From sunsets in the paradise of Santorini to delicious wine in Paros, the Greek Islands have it all. Take a cruise or rent a boat and go around the islands in the Aegean. It will be an experience you’ll never forget.

And there’s so much diversity and options that it will fit everyone’s taste. The Ionian Islands, home of the Mythical Ulysses, boost the best beaches in Europe, the traditional charm of the Greek countryside and the grandiosity of Habsburg and English palaces. If you instead want to roam around ancient lost cities and eat the most delicious dinners you could imagine, then the Peloponnesus is your place to go.

Either way, just make sure you are visiting in summer. Only then will you enjoy all the charms and magic these ancient country has to offer.

3- Paris, France.

Paris is unique. It’s the most beautiful city I’ve ever been too. There are cool places around the world, but none matches the grandiosity, class and charm of the French capital. Take your girl to Paris and you won’t go wrong.

Walking the city is a show of itself – and if you are of the cultural-type, you are in your dance. The collection of art in Paris is matched by none. So is the variation of styles the city has. From Notre Dame to Montmartre and the Eiffel Tower, Paris has them all.

Take your girl up to these three, hop on a boat on the Seine and walk along the Champs de Mars and the other unique parks to have the romantic time of your life.

If Paris is not number one on this list is only because Italy and Greece as whole are just too spectacular and out of this world. But if I had to choose one city above all, it would be this one. The City of Light is special for a good reason!

4- Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

If it were for natural beauty, Rio would definitely be number one. It’s just that beautiful. The morros (mountains), forests and a clear ocean make up a dream place to go to. Couple that with some classy architecture, Christ in the sky and nice looking people to make a dream place.

All you have heard about Rio is true. It’s, however, a bit dirty and dangerous, but worth of the adventure. Just make sure you stay on the best places and do the best stuff. It’s just up to you if you want to live as a king for much more affordable prizes than in Europe.

Also, just a couple of hours away from Rio are spectacular places as Buzios or Angra dos Reis – boosting fantastic beaches and terrific scenery. Go even a bit further and you’ll find virgin beaches and lands, just for you and her. Just that makes the trip to South America all worth it.

5- Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Ok, some of you might think I’m biased as Buenos Aires is my hometown. But really, there’s a lot in Buenos Aires that makes it one of the top romantic spots on the planet. Not as a renowned as the other four, the Argentine capital still boosts a charm to equal that level.

It is no doubts the most European city in the Americas. 19th Century mansions and palaces flood the city, making it win the motto of the “Paris of the South,” while an influx of the neighboring Latin American culture give it a unique flavor.

Escape winter, feast yourself with the world’s best steaks and spend your nights dancing tango, the sexiest and most sophisticated dance on Earth. Buenos Aires is classy, sophisticated and has so many things you can do that you’ll never be bored. If you want some excitement and something new, come this way.

And come while you can. Buenos Aires is, for now, still cheaper than most high-quality cities around the world. Visit before it’s too late! When you do, you must dance one tango in the salons in San Telmo – Nothing can beat that!