5 Great Presents For Girls

I already wrote about how the best presents should be like. In summary, what you should do is focus on high-quality and on giving all your presents a unique touch of charm. This way you will make all them something unforgettable.

5 Great Presents For Girls

If you are lacking ideas and don’t know how a present like this should be like, read on. Here I’ll give you five examples to pick something extraordinary.

Mind: most people will think that you need to be at least in your late 20s to give presents as these. And guys, it’s not like that. Think a way you can do this. Invent, be random!

#5 – The Dress She Always Wanted.

Sometimes girls see one dress and get obsessed with it. They think about it all day long, tell their friends about it and visit the store at least ten times to see it once again. You just need to buy that dress.

The tricky part comes when choosing the dress. Most times you won’t know which one exactly is the one she wants – or maybe she doesn’t even have one special crush on that specific moment.

But it’s fine. Assuming you are a wise guy and know what your girl likes to wear, it won’t be that hard to find the right choice. Say, for example, that she loves blue and silk. Then just buy the most amazing blue silk dress you can see.

And don’t buy what all the other girls are buying. Search long and deep; find a dress that you know she’ll be in love with. Buy one that will make her look superb. And remember: she wins, you win. I love to have my girl shining beauty. I guess you too, right?

#4 – Jewelry.

A classic, but something that always works. Girls love jewelry – give them the best. A small diamond or gemstone ring are really affordable these days, and so are necklaces, pendants and earrings.

If you buy jewelry you won’t fail. First because of all the woo-talk around it and the hypnosis girls have when they are around it. It’s hard to let her down if you are buying good quality. Second, there’s always a meaning behind each piece. All of the girls’ best jewelry has some story, passion and significance to them. Make sure to print one for yours.

And just a note: big doesn’t mean good. On the contrary, too much and too big jewelry, no matter the quality and big names the brands have, is cheesy. Keep it small.

#3 – A Unique, Chic and High Quality Dinner.

There are a few of these really stylish and sophisticated restaurants you should go once a while. Use the date – Christmas, Anniversary or Birthday – as an excuse to take your girl there. Find the right place and make a reservation beforehand. Usually a quiet, small and candle-lit place will do.

In Argentina we have a verb called agasajar, which means, all together, to delight, feast and entertain someone. Use this night and agasajala. From the beginning to end, make her feel like a Queen. Make her feel as if there wouldn’t be someone more important in the world. Do it for real.

Then, as a plus, buy high-quality chocolate and a couple of bottles of champagne. Finish the night eating in bed, with sensual massage and give her the best sex you can. You’ll make her night unforgettable – In fact, she’ll start asking for more.

#2 – A Weekend Together In The Spa.

This is another cool way to agasajarla. Book a place in a cool spa with, at least: swimming pools, sauna, steam bath, massages, chefs and comfortable bed. If the spa is by the beach and on the Caribbean, better. Trips and all-inclusive stays in places as Yucatan and Costa Rica, for example, are not expensive and definitely worth every penny.

And if you can’t go away, fine. Don’t worry too much about it – just look for a right place nearby. Unless you live in the middle of the Gobi desert, there’s always one spa around.

What’s great about spas and these all-inclusive palaces is that you can abstract from whatever you do in your life and just relax. Spend a few days with her off any troubles, jobs, studies or anything as such. You’ll be only focused on relaxing and spending an excellent time together. It’s a big winner from anywhere you see it.

#1 – A Romantic Trip.

A trip together is the best way to fascinate, entertain and delight your girl. I believe it’s the ultimate present. A romantic trip is the way to take your relationship to the next level.

The world is huge and full of beautiful places that you should take your girl to. From Venice to Paris, there are a lot of places you can have the time of your lives. Just buy the tickets and tell her “Baby, we are going on a trip next week.” Of course, as it’s a present don’t let her decide the timing, hotels, places and more. It’s something for you to choose. Just make sure that the place will be compatible with her.

Put magic into the trip. Investigate the cities at night, dine at the most exotic places and feast yourselves in cool hotels and old taverns. Make it unpredictable – Charm the trip from the beginning to the end.

And mind, a romantic trip can be tricky. It can either make your love grow to new heights or directly kill your relationship. You should be very careful choosing who you go with!