4 Types of People You Should Never Sleep With

There are some women in this world with whom you should never even think on sleeping with. They could become those adventures you’ll regret for countless days, if not more! No matter how much in love you are or how beautiful you think they are, the best would be for you to restrain. It’s all a matter of avoiding unnecessary conflicts and trouble.4 Types of People You Should Never Sleep With


Ok guys, there are more than three billion women in this world. Out of those many, if you go and pick one of your family it’s just plain stupid. It’s a matter of morality – you just don’t have to! It’s odd, unnecessary and could bring a lot of problems. Perhaps it would be fine for you, but think on the rest of the family too and how many problems and conflicts something like this could start.

If you got some heart and care about what your parents, grandpas and everyone else thinks and feels, just restrain yourself. Out of all those women, just don’t go for your family. Don’t go and bring conflicts into the very heart of something of such an importance. It’s in the end, not worth it!


You should also never sleep with one of your co workers. It’s a time bomb that could explode when you least expect it to. If you value your career be careful with this! In Argentina we have this saying that roughly translates as “Don’t do shit where you eat,” and it’s meant to be applied in something such as this. Sleeping with a co worker could not only jeopardize your career, but you should also think that you’ll see that face for eight hours every day. Is it worth it?

Unless you are very much in love, it’s definitely not. The cons greatly outnumber any pros you might find. To add more troubles, also think about all the gossip and bad talk that you sleeping with your college might spur. I don’t know what do you think, but I believe that, despite I don’t give a damn about what everyone else thinks, to have rumors and gossip going on about me all over the place is just stupid and, over all, annoying. I don’t like it and I think it’s something to be avoided.

Friend’s Girlfriends or Exs

If you sleep with one of your friends’ girlfriend, you are an asshole and a very bad person. Wise men say that women come and go, but friendships are meant to last forever. I pretty much agree on that and think that no woman, NONE, is worth destroying an important friendship. And mind, you’ll actually destroy any friendship if you go sleep with a friend’s girlfriend or some important Ex.

This is the case where I would omit giving any exception. Even if you are very much in love with a friend’s girlfriend, keep your head in place. You sleep with her and you’ll only make your friend hate you, you will lose the respect of your other friends and you’ll end up with a woman you know is a bad person too. Absolutely not worth it.


Though it may not have consequences as terrible as the first three, sleeping with one of your roommates is a very bad idea. The relationship with your roommates should always be as excellent as it could be – after all, they are the people who you share your place with. Sex could and will bring problems and possible conflicts into the atmosphere.

Wouldn’t you, in the end, feel odd bringing some other girl home if you already slept with one of your roommates? Even if you don’t, she will. It’s better to have roommates as great friends who you have a deep connection with, but just not sexual. Rather restrain yourself and make it clear from the beginning that you wouldn’t do it.


Don’t let your dick control your head. Follow your heart, but bear in mind the consequences your actions could have in the future. It’s really worth to destroy and bring problems into your future because of a bit of horniness? Think always about the abundance of women and just pick someone else!